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Sub for Santa: Family’s health struggles make Christmastime difficult

By Laura Giles - Special to the Daily Herald | Dec 18, 2023


Sub for Santa

Editor’s note: All names of United Way’s Sub for Santa participants have been changed. To help a family like this one, call the Sub for Santa hotline at 801-356-6300 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays or visit https://subforsanta.org. More than 400 families remain in need of sponsors.

Linda and Daniel want to provide a nice Christmas for their three sons, but with family members struggling with health issues, their finances are tight. Purchasing extras, like presents, is not easy to do after paying for the necessities, such as rent and food. The family has received help in the past from the Sub for Santa program and is very grateful to be receiving help again this year.

Daniel suffers from lupus, a condition which causes inflammation throughout the body. He also has other health issues, making it impossible for him to work. The couple’s oldest son, who is 14 years old, struggles with his mental health, which causes Linda to need to be with him much of the time. Because of these issues, she is only able to work part-time at the moment.

The three sons are ages 7, 12 and 14. They are in need of socks, gloves, pants, hoodies and belts. They would love to receive books, a skateboard, plushies, an art set and a football. With donors who are participating in the Sub for Santa program, the boys will be able to receive gifts that they both need and want.

Linda said that they can provide very little, and with the gifts that are donated, they can build on that little bit, allowing the boys to enjoy Christmas traditions. The family does not have extended family who can help them. They do get some help from their church congregation, which is very appreciated.

The help from others allows the family to focus on kind hearts and the true Christmas meaning, Linda said, noting that Sub for Santa is one of their greatest blessings.

“Not being able to provide Christmas for our boys is our worst nightmare,” Linda said. “With Sub for Santa, it takes a lot of our stresses away and allows us to focus on making memories with our boys, rather than the financial burden it can bring.”


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