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Utah approves housing, transit zoning for Vineyard downtown plan

By Genelle Pugmire - | Jan 17, 2023

Courtesy Woodbury Corp.

This rendering shows the planned 800-acre Vineyard Station development, which began buildout in September 2022.

Vineyard city has high aspirations for the future of transit in its new downtown, known as Vineyard Station, and what it can do for growth in Vineyard and across Utah County.

To that end, Vineyard asked the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity to establish a Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zone in the 300-acre area surround the Vineyard FrontRunner Station.

Since it opened this past year, the FrontRunner service has proven its worth with ridership continuing to grow month-to-month, according to Utah Transit Authority and city data.

Vineyard got word in mid-December that the HRTZ was approved by the state. It was accepted via resolution by the Vineyard City Council the next day.

“The Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zone (HTRZ) supports the State’s multi-billion-dollar investment in FrontRunner. The zone was adopted by the state legislature two years ago and provides additional resources to support Transit Oriented Developments which allow people to live and work closer to public transit,” said Ezra Nair, city manager. “This zone is an essential part of our vision to be a multimodal transit-oriented regional development. We’re grateful for the State of Utah providing this tool to build upon the plan that our early citizens have envisioned in creating a transit village in this area.”

Courtesy Vineyard City

Gov. Spencer Cox speaks during the Vineyard FrontRunner ribbon cutting on Friday, Aug. 12, 2022.

Nair addd that the zone will increase ridership to the Frontrunner and bring “tens of thousands of jobs” to the area.

According to Vineyard’s proposal to the GOEO, Vineyard FrontRunner’s stop is projected to be one of the busiest in Utah — not only because of the ability to combine housing, office, and retail spaces — but also because Utah Valley University’s 210-acre expansion campus will be located directly across the tracks from the station and can be accessed with the pedestrian bridge.

The Vineyard Station’s mixed-use master plan is being developed by a team of national and international experts on mixed-use walkable communities, according to Nair. The community is centered on walkable access to FrontRunner and allows residents and visitors to move throughout the community without depending on cars. The design intent is to build the best, well-planned, livable economic center in the state.

The 300-acre development is divided into three zones: The Town Center, including the train station and Market Street, the Mixed Use Promenade, which will enhance the connection between the train station and the lakefront, and the Mixed Use Village, connected to both the Promenade and Town Center, and include a mix of residential and village commercial uses.

Maps of Vineyard as it is built out from the FrontRunner train station across from Utah Valley University property, to the long esplanade from the station to the beachfront properties at Utah Lake.

Mayor Julie Fullmer, center with hat, is joined by Rep. Val Peterson and UTA trustee Jeff Acerson and other UTA and UDOT dignitaries to turn the first shovels of dirt for the new Vineyard FrontRunner Station on May 13, 2021.


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