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Despite closure rumors, Evermore Park continues on for the Halloween season

By Carlene Coombs - | Sep 13, 2023

Isaac Hale, Daily Herald file photo

"Nora Quinn," the barmaid, talks with "Fianna," the mage, in the Crooked Lantern Tavern during the grand opening of Evermore Park held Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018, in Pleasant Grove.

Evermore Park, a fantasy theme park located in Pleasant Grove, will celebrate its fifth year in operation as it opens this weekend for the Halloween season, regardless of online rumors that the park might be coming to an end.

On Monday, rumors began circulating on the social media site Reddit that Evermore planned to close on Oct. 31.

But in a statement to the Daily Herald on Wednesday, Evermore CEO Ken Bretschneider said the fantasy theme park is “not shutting down” and is preparing to launch its fall “Lore” Halloween event.

“Evermore Park has fought through some difficult times, but with inflation, rising interest rates, and the current state of the economy, our fight has become far more challenging,” Bretschneider said in an emailed statement. “Evermore Park continues to push forward with the hope that we will have a successful Halloween/Fall season, which historically has been our biggest of the year. Our team has been working hard to deliver Evermore’s most amazing season yet.”

The rumor began on Reddit when an anonymous user claimed they had “inside” information that the park was going to be closing on Oct. 31 after the completion of the Halloween season.

A couple of comments on the post and other posts from users claiming to be Evermore employees said they had also received information that the park would be closing in the near future.

In a post on his personal Facebook page Monday, the same day the rumors began, Bretschneider talked about the effort it has taken to keep the park running and thanked supporters. The post didn’t make any indication that the park was in danger of closing but did state, “If we are going to make it we need your support. Either way LORE will be an amazing season.”

“​​Evermore is a beautiful place,” Bretchneider continued. “We are not a giant theme park operation with endless amounts of money/resources, but we have built something special and I hope you will all make it out this season (time goes by quickly, times are tough and you never know when the end might come).”

Evermore Park has experienced financial issues in the past. In 2020, Utah Business Magazine reported that the park had come close to bankruptcy that year with multiple lawsuits at the time from various contractors who worked on constructing the park.

The park will begin showcasing its “Lore” Halloween experience on Saturday and it will run through Oct. 31. Evermore’s website doesn’t currently provide any information for events past Oct. 31.


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