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Letter: What is it about Utah politicians? 

By Staff | Jul 25, 2022

Senator Hatch gave a speech at the time of the signing of President Trump’s tax legislation where he said it was looking like Mr. Trump might become America’s greatest President.  

Senator Lee gave a public speech in Arizona to a largely LDS audience where he likened President Trump to Captain Moroni, the righteous leader spoken of in the Book of Mormon.  

What is it about high level Utah politicians that makes them such bad prophets? Their observations and pronouncements, including candidate Hatch’s promise to serve only a short term in office, ring rather hollow with the passage of time. 

Does the training or background of legal professionals in Utah leave something to be desired in terms of broader analytical depth? One thing that seems to be missing for sure is historical perspective. These two missed signs of a tendency to political excess visible right before their eyes. Perhaps their eyesight was clouded over by something they have in common, their stalwart policy commitment to the rich getting even more fabulously rich, often at the expense of the poor.  

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross


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