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Letter: Lee has done nothing, McMullin provides hope

By Staff | Sep 22, 2022

STK- letter to the editor

Mike Lee wasted the 12 years we gave him in the Senate doing nothing for Utah. He votes no on practically everything. Recently, he’s voted against bipartisan measures to improve gun safety, boost our competitiveness with China, and improve veterans’ health care. He’s been our senator throughout the longest period of American history without an increase in the minimum wage, and he doesn’t seem interested in raising it.

It’s no surprise that Mike Lee does nothing for regular Utahns. He receives millions from corporations and Super PACs; he’s become their representative instead of Utah’s. That’s why no one cares about what Mike Lee thinks about a piece of legislation. They know whose pocket he’s in.

But Utahns have real problems and we need real leadership to solve them, like we had with Bob Bennett and Orrin Hatch. That’s why we need Evan McMullin. Evan grew up in a family that struggled to make ends meet.  He understands what regular Utahns face. A former CIA agent, he knows how fragile democracy is and how dictatorships arise and erase our liberties; Mike Lee, on the other hand, participated in a scheme that would’ve meant the end of our republic had he succeeded. Evan doesn’t accept money from PACs or special interest groups; he will be purely beholden to us.  He will cut through today’s partisan gridlock by not caucusing with either party. This means that Evan will be a swing vote on all legislation.  Every time someone writes a bill, they’ll wonder what Evan McMullin thinks about it because they’ll need his support to pass it. This makes Evan’s voice one of the most influential in Congress, giving Utah power it hasn’t had in years.

That’s why I’m voting out do-nothing Mike Lee and voting for an effective Senator: Evan McMullin.

Alan Parry, Spanish Fork


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