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Letter: Three global lessons I learned this month

By Staff | Sep 22, 2022

STK- letter to the editor

I learned three things in September 2022. First, Republicans in America are more greedy and seedy than monarchists in England. Second, absolute power in one man sucks the morale out of all men. Third, women want their share of the corruption, even if they have to fantasize to get it. 

It turns out that England’s new king Charles has his income taxed at a higher rate, 45%, than the highest marginal rate that hell-bent Republicans protecting the 1% class in America will allow, which is only 37%. 

Also, Putin is suffering large reverses in Ukraine, the same thing that happens to autocrats throughout history. When soldiers don’t have much freedom (or responsibility) to come home to, they don’t fight for the regime very well.

Women don’t think much about what they are going to do with wealth and power. They just want it. Netflix’s Queen of the South and LA’s Finest teach us that women want to be better than men in all things, especially if they can imitate the sins of men while doing it. 

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross


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