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Erickson: The American Troubles

By Erick Erickson - | Jun 18, 2024

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Erick Erickson

The left in the United States has incredible clout to push their narratives nearly frictionlessly through cultural institutions. CNN has now multiple times had on Justice Sam Alito’s former neighbor, who is revealed to be a partisan progressive and, by virtue of a Supreme Court Justice and his wife unwilling to perpetuate the story, the neighbor gets to go unchallenged. The New York Times hears Sam Alito openly talk about his faith and values and deems it sinister. The national press has no curiosity about flyover country and thinks anyone to the right of President Joe Biden is a white nationalist or, worse, a Trump supporter.

Left-wing agitprop has become de rigueur. A Christian fire fighter in Los Angeles has been disciplined for his conscious objection to hoisting the rainbow flag. In Seattle, three teens have been prosecuted for their scooters leaving tire marks across a rainbow flag painted on the ground. Businesses that do not embrace June as Pride Month get attacked, and most fold. Employees are forced into DEI training seminars. Disney has revised “Star Wars” into a woke intersectional cult where the Jedi are colonizers, the lesbian witches use the Force to conceive, and the dialogue and acting are awful, but the actors are nonbinary.

In Washington, D.C., Merrick Garland takes to the pages of a major newspaper insisting the Biden Justice Department is not political all while prosecuting a 75-year-old wheelchair-bound Christian for praying inside an abortion clinic and also prosecuting a Texas doctor who has blown the whistle on transgender medical activism at his hospital. But left-wing protestors who, last weekend, defaced federal monuments, assaulted park rangers and chanted “kill the Zionists” outside the White House will not be prosecuted.

In the spring of 2023, multiple suspicious persons illegally crossed into the United States. Six of the individuals, all Russians, have suspected ties to the terrorist organization ISIS. In November of 2023, several months after these suspected terrorists crossed into the United States, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declared on a debate stage, “If you look at the threats we face, terrorists have come in through our southern border.” Eileen Sullivan of The New York Times fact-checked DeSantis reporting, “This is false.” It was absolutely true.

It has been obvious to tens of millions of Americans that if the Border Patrol is regularly detaining people from Middle Eastern countries, some of whom have questionable ties, and a lot of illegal aliens are crossing and getting away, the odds are some of those who got away also have questionable ties and affiliations. But the left and press demand we set aside our common sense and rely on experts of questionable expertise. What is a woman? Female Biden appointees to federal courts are actually saying they cannot answer that because they are not biological experts.

In the last week, in multiple locations in the United States, left-wing activists supporting Hamas have been caught on tape with a parade of horribles. A Black man in New York openly wished Hitler would come back. Activists in Manhattan held up a sign that read, “Long Live October 7th.” The Jewish head of the Brooklyn Museum and several of the museum’s board Jewish members had their homes vandalized. In Washington, activists chanted, “Kill the zionists.” All these are left-wing agitators.

Were these Trump supporters, the press would give it all ample coverage and tie it all explicitly to the politics of the right. But because these are left-wing agitators, many of whom voice the sympathies of members of the newsrooms of the American press, they are given a pass and Biden is given a pass.

The press must protect their precious Joe Biden. They fear Trump more. They must discredit the Supreme Court because the left does not control it. Meanwhile, left-wing antisemitism is festering. The right will predictably reciprocate. Our nation does not head to a Civil War but to an American version of Northern Ireland’s Troubles. Neighbor hates neighbor, and the press and cultural institutions, captured by the left, cannot mediate national discourse fairly. This will end badly for all of us.

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