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Guest: Monoclonal antibodies — The COVID cure Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about

By Chris Null and Jared Whitley - Special to the Daily Herald | Nov 13, 2021
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Claire Quick preps Drew Johnson, left, before giving him a COVID-19 vaccination shot at a clinic at Highland Junior High School in Ogden on Monday, Nov. 8 ,2021. Behind them are health care workers Adrian Wilson, in blue, and Sameka Howard, in pink.
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This chart shows the percentage of Americans, by education level, who express hesitancy about getting a COVID-19 vaccination.
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This table shows the amount of monoclonal antibody treatments allocated, ordered and utilized in Utah from Sept. 22 through Nov. 9.

The opioid crisis was manufactured by a greedy pharmaceutical industry and perpetuated by unethical members of the medical community. That’s the message of the miniseries “Dopesick,” a dramatized version of a nonfiction book of the same name that premiered on Hulu this month. Since 1999, more than 760,000 Americans have died because of opioid over-prescription, while millions more have suffered and billions of dollars have been wasted in needless health care costs.

That our entertainment industry has produced this, and our media industry is applauding it, at the same time that both these elite circles are insisting that vaccination is an absolute and only answer to COVID is — to put it mildly — ironic.

The obsession with vaccinations has nothing to do with science anymore and all to do with “The Science,” to the point that some are literally saying, “If you’re not vaccinated, you’re my enemy.” It’s bizarre to say the least how the organic, vegan, tree-hugging, anti-GMO left have become cheerleaders for Big Pharma. If you can coerce someone into accepting something injected into their body, not just once but routinely, they’re your slave forever. And our woke corporate media is shoving pro-vax fear porn in Americans’ faces 24/7.

Meanwhile, companies like Moderna and Pfizer are raking in record profits while the rest of the country is languishing under the pain of the COVID crunch.

And while Big Pharma, the cult of the woke and many in the fearmongering media establishment want to paint anti-vaxxers as backwater fanatics, the most vax-resistant segment of our population is our most educated: those with Ph.D.s. Many in the health care field itself are also pushing back on mandatory vaccination. Maybe these people remember the over-prescription hysteria of the opioid crisis?

The stated goal of the Biden administration and others is 100% vaccination rather than saving lives. This obsession with 100% vaccination is causing people to lose their jobs and ability to support their families. Continuing down this road will permanently destroy the economy, particularly as hospitals face all-time staffing lows and no shortage of patients.

One solution the medical community has produced, but many seem to be ignoring, is monoclonal antibodies (mAb) — laboratory-made proteins that imitate the immune system’s ability to fight viruses and other harmful agents. As has been reported elsewhere, these antibodies are proven to be a very effective treatment against COVID, but hospitals are declining them to patients because of the limited supply Utah receives each week — but the state is only using one-third of the amount they’re receiving.

Now the allocation of antibodies we receive each week has been reduced because people in the state aren’t using them. Utah health care providers should be using every single one and demanding more!

The antibodies work equally well for the vaccinated as well as unvaccinated, which avoids the bizarre segregation of people that has been created by the woke cult’s affixation of moral value to what should be a medical procedure. Children are less likely to benefit from mAb therapy than adults, but they also have a much lower risk of being hospitalized for COVID. Demanding possibly unnecessary drugs for children — the population most resistant to the disease — seems highly questionable, especially given the “higher-than-expected number of heart inflammation cases” among vaccinated boys and men.

These mAb can provide a safer, more effective alternative.

Given that alarming statistic that vaccinated patients constitute 40% of COVID deaths, as one CDC director reported, any alternative or additional medical technology is useful in keeping people healthy.

One imagines that a few years from now, there will be a TV miniseries called “Vaxsick,” where Hollywood bravely lays out how Big Pharma capitalized on fear of a new virus to jam Americans, including now small children, with drugs they possibly never needed. Monoclonal antibodies can provide a safe alternative. Let’s remember the goal is to fight the disease, not feed Big Pharma’s profits. Ten years from now, nobody wants to have to watch a miniseries called “Vaxsick.”

Chris Null is chair of the Salt Lake County Republican Party. Jared Whitley is communications adviser to the county party.


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