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Guest: Numbers, information dispute COVID-19 misinformation

By Robert Gardner - Special to the Daily Herald | Nov 17, 2021

Chris Null should be nullified from the Salt Lake County Republican Party, and Jared Whitley is more appropriately acting as the mis-communications advisor to the county party in their Daily Herald Guest Opinion from Nov 13-14, 2021: “The COVID cure that Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about.”

Comparing COVID vaccines to the opioid epidemic is ludicrous. Vaccines aren’t addictive! Sorry guys, no story for your Vaxsick miniseries there.

Vaccines have been required for schools and have been keeping children safe for generations. Thank goodness we have the scientists and pharmaceutical companies our forefathers didn’t when so many of their children died. What’s the big deal now about this vaccine causing the public to be a slave to coercion? Public health isn’t the invention of dictators.

And the COVID vaccine is free to everyone! Compare that to the cost of the Shingles vaccine. Sorry those two Republicans don’t like the government paying Moderna and Pfizer. I’m sure the first thing they’d do is produce a product and give it away, as who needs an income to stay in business or feed their family?

Sure it’s great having monoclonal antibody therapy. But it’s no substitute for the vaccine.  A requirement is you test positive to the coronavirus. How dumb are you to have everyone wait until they get the virus instead preventing it in the first place. Plus it costs 100 times more, takes an hour or more for the infusion, and must be done in a medical facility. You think people would  put up with that kind of coerced injection into their body compared to a quick needle stick vaccination?

And where are all the medical resources for infusions coming from when nurses are burned out now dealing with unvaccinated people filling hospitals preventing others in need of life saving medical procedures from being able to get them.

As for required vaccinations causing people to lose their jobs, people choose to leave because they don’t want to let common sense prevail.

And Null and Whitley’s big argument is bogus beyond all others. They say 40% of COVID deaths are vaccinated people. Guess what, as the number of people vaccinated rises and the number of people unvaccinated people goes down, using the rising percent of vaccinated deaths is the classic use of statistics to lie. If the vaccine is 90% effective, and most of the population is vaccinated, 10% of a large population may get the virus and will be a higher number of people than 100% of a small population that may get the virus.

In the UK with a high vaccination rate now, the seven-day rolling average was 1,248 deaths per day on Jan 23, 2021, and it was 135 deaths per day on Oct 25, 2021 according to Our World in Data.

And yes, the percentage of break-through cases among the very few 135 October deaths compared to January deaths was high.

Figures don’t lie, but liars figure. Mark Twain had Null and Whitley figured out a long time ago.


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