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Letter: Grateful for Romney’s work on climate solutions

By Staff | Mar 16, 2022

As a young conservative leader, I was proud to see Senator Mitt Romney speak up supporting market-based climate solutions as Democrats falter in their push for massive environmental spending and regulations. Senator Romney recognizes the importance of pairing a border carbon adjustment with a price on carbon to reduce emissions without compromising America’s economic interests.

For too long, Democrats have focused on pushing a progressive wishlist rather than serious bipartisan solutions. President Biden campaigned on the promise of bringing the country together to solve problems, but he and his party have failed to bring Republicans to the table on this issue.

Senator Romney is on to something: a conservative carbon pricing and border adjustment plan is the most efficient way to decrease pollution. In the aftermath of their failed partisan legislation, Democrats are sure to turn to regulations and spending, an approach that would stifle growth and unnecessarily burden American businesses. Carbon pricing would achieve US emissions reduction goals without spending a single dollar, and when paired with a border carbon adjustment policy — like the one recently outlined by Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) and former National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster — it would be a huge boon to US manufacturers and create more jobs here at home. 

Senator Romney has shown that Republicans can and should lead on this issue. If we can accomplish what Democrats could not and pass a focused climate and energy bill, then we will prove to the nation that we are the party of a stronger, more prosperous America. 

Tyler Cooper, Utah Valley University College Republicans Vice President


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