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Letter: Disappointed in attorney over driver’s charges

By Staff | May 28, 2022

STK- letter to the editor

I read the article in the May 13 issue of the Herald regarding the charging of the suspect in the Eagle Mountain traffic crash in which two little boys were killed. David Leavitt decided on his own to charge the suspect with two second degree felonies. I then referenced the May 4 issue of the Herald to see what charges the investigating officers charged the suspect with when he was booked into jail. The investigating officers booked him into jail for two counts of automobile homicide, two counts of driving under the influence with criminal negligence, possession of a controlled substance, DUI with serious bodily injury due to negligent operation, two counts of DUI with personal injury, reckless driving, failure to operate within a single lane and obey a traffic control device and speeding. 

David Leavitt said in the May 13 article that lesser charges, like drug charges, would have been included and dealt away in a plea bargain, Considering he has the ultimate say whether any charges are dealt away this does not need to be so.

 I proudly served as a Law Enforcement Officer for 34 years, in that time I trained and worked with officers from all over the world, we have some of the best officers in the country and the world in Utah County. They will keep us safe but they need  a County Attorney that will help and not hinder their efforts.

John Geyerman, former Deputy Chief Provo Police


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