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Letter: Concerns about the Open App Markets Act

By Staff | Jan 17, 2023

The Open App Markets Act (S. 2710), originally introduced as part of Democrats’ antitrust initiative, is another bill in an emerging pattern of legislation that purports to address a problem based on unsupported claims of consumer harm and anti-competitive behavior. Unfortunately, the legislation has been rushed out of committee with the support of a startling number of senators – including our own Senator Lee. 

Supporters of S. 2710 mistakenly argue that its provisions will protect consumers; in reality, the legislation would make the process of purchasing and downloading apps challenging and dangerous for consumers while also ignoring security protections on which users have come to rely. For example, the bill would require devices to allow “sideloading,” the ability to install an app without the built-in security measures that app stores provide, exposing consumers to a host of security issues. 

In a time when cybercrime is increasing exponentially, it is concerning that Senator Lee supports a bill that would remove security protections from our devices. Fortunately, experts have argued that the bill needs more vetting before it advances to the floor. I hope Senator Lee heeds their warning and stands up for what Utahns actually need. Our very security is at stake.  

Marissa Olstom, All My Links co-founder, Lehi


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