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Letter: Utah’s state flag is perfect just the way it is

By Staff | Nov 30, 2023

Why do some people want to change our state flag?

We have had our state flag since January 4th 1896 — 127 years, why change this great piece of history?

Utah’s official flag was adopted in 1913. The flag has a deep blue field with the state seal in the center, surrounded by yellow fringe. The state seal was designed by Harry Emmett Edwards in 1986. In the center of the flag is a bald eagle above a beehive (symbolizing hard work), surrounded by sego lilies (representing peace) and two US flags. The word “Industry” and the dates 1847 and 1896 appear on the flag. 1847 is the year Brigham Young led a group of his Mormon followers to the Salt Lake Valley in Utah in order to find religious freedom and establish a new base for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

So how much better does it get? The new flag can’t even compare with the old one.

The most active, vocal critics of the new flag argue that it’s erasing the state’s history, and was a waste of lawmakers’ time, and taxpayers’ money.

So come on people, what’s next changing the United States of America’s flag?

David Johnson, Spanish Fork


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