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Letter: American technology sector plays key role in cybersecurity

By Staff | Oct 28, 2023

Cybersecurity Month is a vital reminder about the growing importance of protecting our digital landscape and online world. As we dive deeper into the digital age and move critical operations online, safeguarding our cybersecurity is synonymous with preserving our way of life.

From local, state, and federal government operations to business operations and online learning, a cyberattack could put almost every aspect of our lives at risk. These intrusions can cost small businesses millions of dollars, threaten to expose personal information and data, and can have detrimental national security implications if the United States were to fall victim to a large-scale cyberattack.

A cybersecurity audit from earlier in the year found that state agencies, local governments, and school districts had system gaps, and cybersecurity measures were not up to standards.

One way to strengthen our cybersecurity capabilities is to strengthen U.S. technology companies and, in turn, the tools and innovations they develop. American technology plays an important role in protecting and securing our data, networks, and critical infrastructure.

In this month of awareness, lawmakers must remain wary of policies that undermine U.S. innovation and American technology companies. Cybersecurity is paramount for every individual, government agency, business, and industry, and we must continually innovate and develop the best technologies to stay ahead of these threats.

Brianna Kreisel, Eagle Mountain


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