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Letter: Yay for lawmakers protecting kids from illegal Chinese vapes

By Staff | Apr 6, 2024

I commend our legislature for their courage in standing up against the scourge of illegal Chinese vapes that are flooding Utah’s communities and threatening our children. Their support and passage of SB 133 and SB 61 this session represents progress in our state’s public health and safety initiatives.

Amid the encouraging decline in youth vaping rates, we face the continuous challenge of combatting the allure of illicit, flavored vapes that still tempt our teens. These products, almost exclusively from China, evade federal bans and find their way into our schools, placing our children at risk.

The passage of SB 133 is a commendable step, empowering the State Tax Commission to regulate distributors and penalize unauthorized sales. SB 61 proposes to regulate vapor products in Utah by requiring manufacturer certification, restricting youth-appealing flavors to curb illegal markets, and ensuring product compliance with FDA regulations, aiming to level the retail playing field and enhance consumer transparency. However, the effectiveness of our local efforts depends heavily on federal support to seal the gaps through which these products enter our communities.

Our unified voice is powerful. It is our duty, our mission, to secure a healthier, safer environment for Utah’s children. We must demand the Biden-Harris administration and the FDA protect our youth and strengthen enforcement against these hazardous and illegal products.

Brianna Kreisel, Eagle Mountain


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