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Letter: Clancy to be commended for passing China resolution

By Staff | Apr 26, 2024

I’d like to thank State Representative Tyler Clancy for successfully shepherding House Resolution 5 through the Utah House of Representatives.

Young Republicans like me have for several years been zeroing on two key challenges: the pollution that undergirds the climate challenge and the threat of China. If unaddressed, both have serious implications for our futures. Rep. Clancy’s resolution calls on elected leaders in Congress to act on an opportunity that addresses both.

H.R. 5 spotlights how China undermines the US by flooding the global economy with goods that are produced with little to no labor and environmental standards. This is anti-human, anti-environmental, and bad for the U.S. manufacturers who abide by higher standards.

Rep. Clancy’s resolution, which passed unanimously, calls on Congress to do something about this, to prevent China from going about trade in a way that is so damaging to American workers. I’m grateful to him and to the state legislators who followed his lead in taking this issue seriously.

Jacob Newell, Provo


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