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Letter: Caucus for Haley, our best bet to unseat President Biden

By Staff | Feb 27, 2024

Dear Fellow Republicans,

At various Republican events, I’ve heard, “Vet candidates against our party platform.” The Republican presidential candidate who best meets those requirements is Nikki Haley. Her plan to reduce the nation’s debt will strengthen our economy. Her tough stance on immigration will balance workforce needs and securing the border. Her foreign policy experience coupled with the respect she earned as UN Ambassador will keep the US safe. She has correctly observed, “When America is distracted, the world is less safe.” She is the true law-and-order candidate because she follows and enforces our country’s laws.

Most importantly, Haley has the best chance to defeat President Biden in November. Although the current frontrunner has significant backing in our party, few independents and Democrats will vote for him because they do not trust him. To start winning national elections again, we need to vote for someone who can win them–and that person is Nikki Haley. Plus, it would be awesome for the first US woman president to be Republican! Please attend your caucus meeting on March 5 and vote for Nikki Halley in the Republican Presidential Preference Poll. It is not too late to change our country and our party’s trajectory!

Angie Carter, Provo


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