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Letter: Can Nikki Haley win Utah as a write-in? Let’s try

By Staff | Mar 15, 2024

Having attended Nikki Haley’s rally at UVU where every one of the hundreds in attendance there received a NIKKI HALEY window or yard sign at their seat and where they all heard her message, given without notes or a podium, I expected to see hundreds of NIKKI HALEY signs all around the neighborhoods of Utah Valley. Did her message of faith and hope and unity pass right over our heads? Her youthfulness, her experience, her energy, and her dedication to serving the people of this country should have prompted the many people there to learn more about her and to support her with their signs and their offers to help.

I suggest that if her name is not to be ON the November election ballot, a campaign should begin now encouraging many millions of people, who have no desire to vote for either of the elderly leaders opposing one another, to WRITE HER NAME ON THE BALLOT and have her WIN as a WRITE-IN candidate. From the beginning she has asked for the HELP of ALL in her campaign, knowing she could not win this battle alone. I believe we let her down in the primary caucus system but we CAN still make her election happen as a WRITE-IN candidate. Friends think of me as overly optimistic, but why not? Nikki Haley is a candidate worth working hard for and with her.

Beverly Boyack Moffitt, Provo


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