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Letter: Time for Congress to get something done, especially on China

By Staff | May 11, 2024

It seems every time I open the news, I see more examples of Congress not doing its job and House members playing political theater instead of governing. It’s time for Congress to ditch petty politics and get stuff done.

I’m appreciative that at least our representative from Northern Utah is on top of things. Since taking office, Rep. Blake Moore has zeroed on China and the CCP. He has advocated for reshoring and de-risking supply chains, studying China’s illicit market advantages, and thwarting the CCP’s predatory alliances. This is important as China intends not only to surpass the US’s technological leadership, but ultimately to pass us as a global superpower.

China is an area in which this Congress could make some progress if they will put their heads down and work, as Utah’s Congressmen have done. For instance, Republicans have begun to lead on holding China accountable for undercutting US manufacturers by producing goods with little to no pollution standards. This is a wise strategy since taking China to task is a popular policy goal that most Republicans can get behind, and it connects to environmental goals.

More of our leaders need to step up, and do things that actually matter.

James Warren, Lehi


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