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Howard C. Nielson

Sep 17, 2021

1924 — 2020

Public Memorial Service

At the time of his passing, events celebrating the memory of Howard Nielson were limited to small family gatherings. His children have now scheduled a public memorial service for family, friends, and associates, at 1:00 p.m., Saturday, September 25th, in the Utah Capitol Rotunda.

This service will be a celebration of Howard Nielson’s life and legacy, which has been marked by dedication to academic achievement; service to country, faith, and community; and devotion to family.

Throughout his life, Howard Nielson was many things to many people. He was known not only as Congressman, but also, variously, as Sergeant, Professor, Chairman, Speaker, Associate Commissioner, Elder, and Senator, among other titles. Above all, he was a great-grandfather, uncle, grandfather, and dad, as well as husband to our dear mother.

Throughout his life, Howard was never happier than when he could help a child, grandchild, or other family member with a calculus assignment or volunteer to assist with some heavy lifting around the house. “You be the brains,” he would always say. “I’ll supply the brawn.”

The family invites you to join them September 25th to remember and celebrate Howard’s remarkable life.