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Nancy Earlene Rhodes

Dec 1, 2023

Nancy Earlene Rhodes, known affectionately as Mom, Grandma, Aunt, and Friend, passed away peacefully in her home on November 14th, 2023, in Craig, Colorado, at the age of 76. She was born on March 13, 1947, in Price, Utah, to the late Earl and Ellen Jenkins.

Nancy was a loving and accepting individual who embraced everyone she met. She cherished her family members and held a special place in her heart for each of them. Nancy’s warm and inclusive nature made her a beloved figure in the lives of her loved ones.

In her professional life, Nancy worked in various places, often assuming supervisory roles. She was known for her exemplary work ethic and adherence to rules. Nancy’s dedication and commitment made her an exceptional employee.

Nancy found solace and inspiration in her quilting. She loved to sew quilts for adults, teenagers, and the children in her family for their reunions. She would put colors together that made the most beautiful quilts you could never imagine. Her color coordinated quilts were very special and made with love. Her handcrafted quilts were a testament to her creativity and love for her family.

Outside of work, Nancy had a passion for travel, particularly exploring the beautiful landscapes of Utah and visiting her family wherever they were. She also enjoyed visiting friends. She has been to Hawaii several times, cruises, camping trips all over Colorado and Utah, Kansas to visit her Son, and all over Utah county visiting family.

A memorial service will be held in April in Utah, further details to be announced on Facebook at a later date. This service will also commemorate the life of Kenneth Rhodes.

Nancy is survived by her children Nick, Scott, Todd (Sarabeth), and Ricky (Autum). Her grandchildren Colton, Ashley, Ryan, Brandon, and LynLee. Her brothers Ed (Susie), Mitchel, Michael (Sherry), Kenneth, Jerry (Heidi), and Russell (Laurie). She was preceded in death by her parents Nick (2000) and Ellen (2001) Jenkins, her siblings Pete, David, Oliver (2003), Martin (2017), and Rose (2021). She was preceded in death by her Husbands Kenneth Anderson (1986) and Kenneth Rhodes (2021).