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Contoy Arena in Mt. Pleasant Saddles Up for Exciting Year-Round Events

By Staff | Feb 7, 2024

Contoy Arena is home to events ranging from year-round rodeos to summer flea markets, and available to rent for riding.

Looking for equestrian excitement, family-friendly activities, or a place to hone your riding skills? The Contoy Arena in Mt. Pleasant, located at 995 West, 1000 South, has got you covered. Whether you’re a seasoned rider, a parent with energetic kids, or simply seeking some thrilling competitions, Contoy Arena is your go-to destination.

The new year galloped into action with the exhilarating New Year’s Rodeo on December 30th, setting the stage for a series of events to follow. From ongoing Dog Obedience classes to rodeo series for kids aged 0 to 18, Team Branding events, and a bull riding spectacle for all ages, Contoy Arena is buzzing with activities.

Recent highlights included Team Branding events on January 20th and a bull riding extravaganza on February 3rd. The arena continues to play host to various events such as the upcoming Limitless Rodeo for youth on February 10th, a Ranch Roping competition on February 17th, a Mounted Shooting show on February 24th, and a Ranch Sorting competition on February 25th. Every Monday night, experience the thrill of Mounted Shooting, providing family-friendly entertainment throughout the month.

All events are open to spectators, offering a delightful experience with an on-site snack bar, clean restrooms, and ample parking. If you’re inclined to hit the saddle indoors or wish to train your horse, Contoy Arena offers daytime passes for $10, individual yearly memberships at $150, or family memberships for $250 annually. Opt for a six-month membership for winter training. Stalls are available for rent at $25 per night.

The versatility of Contoy Arena extends beyond equestrian pursuits. The main hall of the arena is available for rent, making it an ideal venue for your upcoming events. Stay updated on the latest event schedules and entry requirements by visiting Contoy Arena’s Facebook Page @ContoyArena or checking the month-by-month calendar on the Mt. Pleasant website. For additional information, contact Jack Widdison at (435) 851-4646.

Contoy Arena’s Mission: “Promote recreation and the western way of life in beautiful Sanpete County, Utah.” Whether you’re an avid rider, a family looking for weekend fun, or someone eager to embrace the western spirit, Contoy Arena invites you to be part of the excitement in Sanpete County.


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