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Quad father Tyson joins Ashley in hospital to release baby names

By Keri Lunt Stevens daily Herald - | Nov 18, 2014

In a video on Monday night, Ashley and Tyson Gardner released the names of their four baby girls, who are expected to arrive in the upcoming months.

Referred to as baby A, B, C and D until now, the girls will be named Indie Mae, Esme Jane, Scarlett Elizabeth and Evangeline Faith, respectively.

Each of the girls’ middle names has significance, the couple said in the video reveal.

Indie Mae is the namesake of Tyson’s maternal grandmother who was a “very strong influence” in his life, Tyson said.

Esme Jane is named after the couple’s niece Jane, whom Ashley acted as a nanny for during the many years she struggled with infertility.

Scarlett Elizabeth was given her middle name after Ashley’s middle name, a name Tyson “loves,” Ashley said.

Evangeline Faith’s middle name was chosen because the couple said they relied on their faith to get where they are today, so it only seemed fitting to use one of the babies’ names as a reminder.

Among the thousands of comments the couple has received on their Facebook page, inquires about baby names were high on the list.

Out of the 1,200 comments the video has received so far, most commenters said they love the names and many shared photos of their own children with the same names.

“My daughter, SCARLETT, was watching with me, and she was sooo thrilled that Baby C is going to be named Scarlett as well,” commenter Maria Lucente Smith posted on the couple’s Facebook page along with a photo of her daughter.

In preparation for the big reveal, the couple asked fans for their guesses. Suggestions ranged from following the A, B, C, D pattern — Ava Reece, Brooke Riley, Claire Elizabeth, Delaney Grace — to more spiritual namesakes such as Faith, Hope, Joy and Nevaeh (heaven spelled backward).

With over 187,000 likes on Facebook, many of the couple’s friends are strangers, but they nonetheless had strong opinions on the names.

“I think the A, B, C, D is horrible,” said Ohio resident Crystal Rogers Cernanec in a comment posted on the couples’ page. “I have triplets. Give these kids a chance to not always be identified as ‘The Quads.’ They are four babies who happen to be born at the same time. They are individuals and should be treated as such. Choose four names you love. Don’t limit yourself.”

Another commenter suggested searching Google for the most popular baby names this decade and then not using any on the list.

“Someone once told me to shout the name at the top of your lungs and see how it feels,” commenter Cristina Wigert Feeley posted on the couples’ Facebook page. “When your daughter is at a soccer game or running away from you at the park you don’t want to be yelling ‘Chrysanthemum-Amelia!!’ “

Despite their differing opinions, most commenters agreed the names shouldn’t include difficult or abnormal spelling. Since the reveal, a few have commented on the spelling and pronunciation of the names, but most have sent support and offered nickname suggestions.

Ashley entered the hospital on Nov. 13 as a precaution so doctors could more regularly monitor her and the girls. The couple credited Ashley’s increased downtime to helping speed up their decision process in naming the babies.

At 24 weeks pregnant, the 27-year-old mom to be is expected to deliver in late December or early January.

After eight years of infertility, the Pleasant Grove couple found out in early July they were expecting two sets of identical twins. Nicknamed the Gardner Quad Squad, they have seen support from across the world as they’ve shared their story via social media, blogs and through media publications. For continuous updates, visit heraldextra.com/quads or find the couple on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and at gardnerquadsquad.com.


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