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Survey reveals home security system ownership reasons

By Staff | Aug 15, 2019

FORT MILL, SC- Safety.com recently announced the results of a survey in which 3,001 American adults expressed their attitudes and approaches toward home security. Among other illuminating findings, the results reveal that although Americans are more proactive than reactive when it comes to home protection, only 38 percent actually own a home security system or products.

The survey broached questions on home security systems and product ownership, motivation behind these purchases, and how attitudes vary between demographics.

Key findings include:

• 38 percent of households own some kind of home security system or product. Cameras are the most popular home security product: 18.2 percent own a security camera or video doorbell. 16.2 percent own a professionally monitored home security system, the second leading option.

• 49.6 percent of home security owners cited a general desire for increased security as the leading motivation behind their purchase(s), while a cumulative 21.9 percent cited an event such as a move, break-in or attempted break-in as their main stimulus.

• 33.3 percent of non-owners cite price as the biggest barrier to home security ownership. 20.3 percent don’t own home security products because they believe their neighborhood is safe; 17.8 percent believe their home is secure enough without them.

• The leading alternatives to home security devices are dogs and firearms.

Safety.com senior content strategist Kristin Arnold describes the intent behind this research: “Many people hold assumptions that home security is more popular among certain demographics, or for certain reasons, like being victimized by a break-in. Since we could not find a source to confirm or challenge those assumptions, we conducted this survey to find out ourselves.”

To view the complete 2019 Safety.com Home Security Report, including survey results and discussion, visit www.safety.com/home-security-survey.

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