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Celebrate America!

By Staff | Jun 30, 2021

This weekend we celebrate America’s freedom. In 1776, the American colonists announced to King George their independence from British rule. The revolutionary war was fought. America won and here we are.

Wars have since been fought and lives lost in order to safeguard the freedoms which we enjoy in this country. Check out the “honor rolls” in the parks and legion halls of the county. Take a walk through any Sanpete cemetery. You’ll see names of those who served and died.

Sanpeters have taken part in the defense of liberty and continue to do so. Our soldiers from the area have been on deployments in the past and remain “at the ready.”

Quite a few years ago I heard about a movement to show support for our troops by wearing red on Fridays. I’ve been doing that for a long time now. I know that there are others around who do the same thing.

The acronym R.E.D. in this case stands for “Remember Everyone Deployed” – therefore the color red becomes symbolic. Red, of course, is symbolic in other ways including red being the color of blood. This “Red Friday” thing has made my clothing choice easier for at least one day of the week.

Besides remembering our precious freedom, Independence Day is a time to celebrate and have fun. I’ve compiled a short list for your use in enjoying the upcoming holiday. Here’s my list of things to do to celebrate this weekend.

1) Take part in the local celebrations. If you aren’t helping, be a supporter by attending the parades, breakfasts, dinners, etc. Spend a little time and money. It will make you feel good.

2) Find a baseball game and eat a hot dog and then find some apple pie. (What’s more “American” than that?)

3) Watch one of the professional firework shows. This might be the year to skip setting off personal fireworks. I hate to say that. But if an errant sky rocket were to put an ember in my backyard, my grass would ignite.

4) Reenact the Boston Tea Party. See what the park rangers will do when you incessantly holler “no more taxes without representation” as you toss boxes overboard from your canoe at Palisade State Park.

5) Make homemade ice cream

6) Display the flag at home and salute the flag when it approaches in a parade.

7) Get a tattoo of a large screaming eagle on your __________ (pick your own body part) (get permission from your Mom or spouse, or both, for this one)

8) Have a family contest to see who really knows all the right words to “The Star-Spangled Banner” (pay particular attention to the word “fight” and “ramparts.”)

9) Send a letter of appreciation to an elected official like your mayor, council member, county commissioner, or whomever you want. It’ll be such a surprise to them to receive something other than a complaint that they’ll probably pass out.

10) One word: Watermelon

Take pride in America Sanpete and enjoy your holiday. — Merrill


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