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Population and Growth

By Staff | May 26, 2021

Some basic information from the 2020 census has been released recently. You may have heard that Utah has the fastest-growing population of any state in the country. Utah now has 3.28 million people. That’s up 18.4% from 10 years ago.

Utah is now the 30th most populated state. Our increase in population didn’t hit high enough to rank another seat in the United States House of Representatives though. But we didn’t lose any congressional seats. Several states like California, New York, and Illinois will each lose a district.

It is predicted that by 2050 Utah’s population will double. Someone will have to send me a message to tell me if it happens or not, because I don’t think I’ll be around to see it.

The message to me will need to be sent via a séance’ or a psychic communication of some sort. I believe that I’ll be in some spiritual realm, but I don’t think I’ll have cell phone service.

Sanpete growth history has been very gradual over the years. It would seem though now that we’re speeding up. Much of the census data isn’t in yet, but there is some information showing up on the US Census Bureau website.

The best I can see right now is that Sanpete’s population was estimated to be 30,939 as of July 1, 2019. That’s up 11.2% from 27,822 in April of 2010.

People are moving here and quite a few are building houses (despite the high costs). Seeing a home being built in Sanpete used to be a novelty. Sanpeters love to walk and drive past the construction to watch the progress.

Right now, there’s a lot of entertainment available for construction “watchers.” (I’m one of them)

People sometimes ask me, “Why do people move to Sanpete?” Before answering, I straighten up and compose a thoughtful expression on my face. There are some people who regard me as an authority on these subjects. So, I need to look the part. I look the questioner square in the eye and say authoritatively, “You know, I really don’t have a clue.”

I usually then go into a routine about how I do believe that people are getting more and more creative about where they live and where they work. Many folks are feeling like they’d rather live in the “boonies” of places like Sanpete and drive further to work than live in the more crowded areas of the state.

I don’t blame them. I think I’ve developed an allergy in my advancing years: traffic lights.

There are quite a few who live here, but work other places. Most of us know people who maintain their household here in Sanpete, but work far away. The breadwinner of the family is often gone for several days or sometimes a couple of weeks at a time. They then return to the family for a period of time.

There are people like oil field workers, miners, pilots, and business people otherwise who love the idea of having their family in Sanpete, but work other places. They work everywhere from California to North Dakota to New Mexico and places in between.

And of course — computers, electronic technology in general, and the pandemic have contributed to the ability of people being able to live where they choose. They can do much of their work by “tele-commuting.” Meetings can be held electronically and the need for all employees being physically at one location is not the same as it used to be.

Societal changes will continue. Growth will continue, even here in Sanpete County. As Sanpete grows, I’ll welcome it — as long as everyone learns and remembers proper basic Sanpete etiquette.

That etiquette is a long list, but it includes waving at everyone and learning where everyone makes their left turns (using turn signals is really too much to ask for many of us around here). — Merrill

P.S. Don’t forget about the food and fun of Heritage Day in Spring City and the Scandinavian Festival in Ephraim this coming Memorial Day weekend. (Swedish Meatballs) After being off last year in Ephraim, I think this year’s festival will be big. (Swedish Meatballs)

The music that’s been scheduled looks really good. Among many other groups, Paul Revere’s Raiders are coming. I’m looking forward to that. (The 60’s were good to me.) (Swedish Meatballs)


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