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From the Web: UFC fighter and Provo resident Court McGee bringing awareness to opioid epidemic

By Phillip Morgan - Daily Herald - | Apr 17, 2018

Fighting for one day of sobriety is hard.

For UFC fighter Court McGee April 16, 2006 was his Day 1. Now, exactly 12 years later, McGee is celebrating 4,384 days without a drink or drugs.

“Thinking back 12 years,” McGee said in an Instagram post, “(I had) no children, no wife, no home, no job, no car, hefty criminal record, facing prison time oh, and no MMA, all I had was hope and took a shot at recovery.”

Now, McGee is 19-6-1 in the UFC, and speaks publicly as a person in long-term recovery. In fact, in February, McGee was honored by the Utah State Senate with a certificate of recognition for his bringing awareness to the opioid epidemic throughout Utah, and the United States.

“I have a good life today I am blessed with abundance and very grateful,” McGee said on Instagram. “Today is the most important day of my life, just like it was 12 years ago today.”

Utah ranks 7th place in overdose deaths. On average 24 Utahns died every month from prescription drug overdoses in 2015.

The reported number of people who entered rehab programs for alcohol abuse in 2010 was 4,030. In addition, there were 2,042 of those who admitted abusing alcohol with some other drug.

If you feel like you need help, call the free and confidential drug hotline at (888) 408-6424.


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