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What to expect at the 2024 4A/5A/6A state boys wrestling tournaments

By Brian E. Preece - Herald correspondent | Feb 15, 2024
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Westlake wrestler Brayden Robison celebrates winning his match during the 2024 Ross Brunson All-Star Dual at the UCCU Center in Orem on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2023.
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Spanish Fork wrestler Karson Shelley grapples with Salem Hills's Breyton Banks during the 2024 Ross Brunson All-Star Dual at the UCCU Center in Orem on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2023.
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Westlake wrestler Israel Borge battles Uintah's Michael Alexander during the 2024 Ross Brunson All-Star Dual at the UCCU Center in Orem on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2023.
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Payson wrestlers pose for photos with the second-place trophy after the 5A state boys wrestling finals at the UCCU Center in Orem on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2023.
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Pleasant Grove's Bradlee Farrer attempts to pin Westlake's Brayden Robison during the finals of the 150-pound division at the 6A state boys wrestling finals at the UCCU Center in Orem on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023.
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Pleasant Grove athletes and coaches pose for a photo after the Vikings came in second at the 6A state boys wrestling finals at the UCCU Center in Orem on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023.
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Westlake freshman Kaizen Detoles (right) wins the quarterfinals of the 150-pound division on the first day of the 6A state wrestling tournament at the UCCU Center in Orem on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023.

Prep wrestling expert Brian Preece’s looks at the 4A, 5A and 6A boys state tournaments. Items included in this primer are predictions for the championship finals, team predictions, weight classes to watch, along with Preece’s top ten wrestlers and teams regardless of classification.

Class 4A

Preece’s 4A Individual Finalist Predictions: 

106 pounds: Daxton Jolley (Payson) vs. Ethan Sharp (Uintah)

113 pounds: Paul Wright (Hurricane) vs. Benjamin Ploehn (Stansbury)

120 pounds: Payton Redd (Logan) vs. Rykan Hacking (Uintah)

126 pounds: Jack Semadeni (Ridgeline) vs. Michael Alexander (Uintah)

132 pounds: Kaden Guymon (Snow Canyon) vs. Conner Knudsen (Timpanogos)

138 pounds: Lincoln Lofthouse (Mountain Crest) vs. Kayden Madsen (Crimson Cliffs)

144 pounds: Colton Theobald (Payson) vs. Jaxon McCurdy (Uintah)

150 pounds: Tanner Tolman (Mountain Crest) vs. Brody Rhoades (Uintah)

157 pounds: Tyler Payne (Green Canyon) vs. Brandon Ploehn (Stansbury)

165 pounds: Quayde Beck (Payson) vs. Mason Holt (Uintah)

175 pounds: Bridger Thalman (Mountain Crest) vs. Christian Hartle (Uintah)

190 pounds: Landen Shurtleff (Payson) vs. Luke Stearns (Logan)

215 pounds: Will Wheatley (Green Canyon) vs. Athanasi Johnson (Murray)

285 pounds: Tag Gubler (Snow Canyon) vs. Caden Young (Uintah)

Preece’s 4A Team Predictions: 1. Uintah 2. Payson 3. Mountain Crest 4. Timpanogos 5. Bear River 6. Mountain View 7. Green Canyon 8. Snow Canyon 9. Ridgeline 10. Stansbury.

4A Returning State Champions: Daxston Bingham (Bear River, 120); Payton Redd (Logan, 120); Michael Alexander 2022, 2023 (Uintah, 126); Kaden Guymon (Snow Canyon, 132); Lincoln Lofthouse (Mountain Crest, 138); Colton Theobald 2022, 2023 (Payson, 144), Bridger Thalman (Mountain Crest, 175); Landen Shurtleff 2022, 2023 (Payson, 190).

4A Undefeated Wrestlers: None

4A Weights to Watch: The 120-pound weight class features two returning champions that are on the same side of the bracket. Logan’s Payton Redd won the Divisional A tournament but Bear River’s Daxston Bingham was defeated by Uintah’s Ryan Hacking at the Divisional B tourney. So this means Redd and Bingham are on the top side while Hacking is on the bottom side of the bracket. Hacking, who placed second in 5A last year at 113 pounds losing to Spanish Fork’s Karson Shelley, is probably the tournament favorite but besides Redd and Bingham, Payson’s Jonah Shaw is good enough to get his attention.

The 132-pound weight class features returning state champion Kaden Guymon of Snow Canyon. He won the Divisional A tournament. On his side of the bracket is Payson returning state placer Kael Theobald. On the other side of the bracket are two Utah County wrestling stars that are likely to do battle. Mountain View’s Glade Harman is a 2-time finalist but but defeated earlier in the season by Timpanogos’ Conner Knudsen, a returning state placer himself. They are on a collision course for the semifinals.

The 144-pound weight class is especially deep. It features Payson 2-time state champion Colton Theobald, who returned to action after missing a good bulk of the season because of a leg injury. He won the Divisional A tournament. While Theobald is a strong favorite to reach the finals, on the same side of the bracket are two dangerous grapplers in Jordan’s Myka Love and Timpanogos’ Stratton Lewis. Love and Lewis should meet in the quarterfinals. Uintah’s Jaxon McCurdy, the Divisional B champ, could be argued to be the tournament favorite with this glossy 32-2 record. But Parley Thacker of Sky View shouldn’t be overlooked on the bottom side of the bracket.

Class 5A

Preece’s 5A Individual Finalist Predictions:

106 pounds: Taegen Leavitt (Spanish Fork) vs. Connor Simons (Spanish Fork)

113 pounds: Caleb Jackson (Maple Mountain) vs. Kaleb Blackner (Roy)

120 pounds: Karson Shelley (Spanish Fork) vs. Breyton Banks (Salem Hills)

126 pounds: Alex Lindquist (Viewmont) vs Ben Kohler (Wasatch)

132 pounds: Cahill Simons (Spanish Fork) vs. Cooper Limb (Hillcrest)

138 pounds: Porter Olson (Spanish Fork) vs. Daxton Bonner (Wasatch)

144 pounds: Edward Sears (Spanish Fork) vs. Jackson Ricks (Box Elder)

150 pounds: Junior Wetzel (Spanish Fork) vs. Davin Fedler (Springville)

157 pounds: Ryker Olson (Spanish Fork) vs. Henry Hanssen (Wasatch)

165 pounds: Alex Koyle (Spanish Fork) vs. Wyatt Hanseen (Wasatch)

175 pounds:  Lisiate Valeti (Springville) vs. Brandon Murray (Box Elder)

190 pounds: Andre Leota (Olympus) vs. Tevita Valeti (Springville)

215 pounds: Cash Henderson (Woods Cross) vs. Lione Hola (Kearns)

285 pounds: Austin McNaugton (Wasatch) vs Skyler Armenta (Cyprus)

Preece’s 5A Team Predictions: 1. Spanish Fork 2. Box Elder 3. Wasatch 4. Springville 5. Kearns 6. Viewmont 7. Salem Hills 8. Woods Cross 9. Hunter 10. Hillcrest. 

5A Returning State Champions: Breyton Banks (Salem Hills, 113);  Karson Shelley 2022, 2023 (Spanish Fork, 120), Jackson Ricks 2021 (Box Elder, 144), Henry Hanssen (Wasatch, 157), Cash Henderson 2022, 2023 (Woods Cross, 215).

5A Undefeated Wrestlers: Jackson Riggs (Box Elder, 144); Raymond Tongolei (Kearns, 285).

5A Weights to Watch: The 120-pound weight class features returning 2-time state champion Karson Shelley of Spanish Fork and Salem Hills’ Breyton Banks, a returning state champion at the weight lower than Banks last season. These two wrestlers have met a few times this season with Shelley controlling the action. Banks is in the bottom of the bracket and will have to get past Alta’s Johnny Orr, who won the Divisional B title. Orr is a 2-time previous state placer. Shelley looks good to get his third title but on his way to the championship finals he shouldn’t overlook Hunter’s Connor Sandquist or Wasatch’s Ryder Christensen, two returning state placers themselves.

The 190-pound weight class has some amazing athletes. On the top side of the bracket is Spanish Fork’s Hyrum King, who won the Divisional A tournament. But on his side of the bracket is Andre Leota of Olympus. On the bottom side of the bracket, Springville’s Tevita Valeti has put together a nice season at 29-3. He beat Leota in the Divisional B final but two other Salt Lake Valley grapplers shouldn’t be overlooked. Kearns’ Mathew Campbell and Skyline’s Lucas Andtbacka are likely to be in the quarterfinals with the winner to take on Valeti.

The 285-pound weight class has some mammoth competitors in the likes of Wasatch’s Austin McNaughton and Cyprus’ Skyler Armenta. Both placed second in state last season, Armenta at 215 pounds. Both met at the Divisional B final with Armenta winning in overtime. This put McNaughton on the same side of the bracket as Kearns’ Raymond Tongolei, undefeated with just seven matches but the Divisional A champion. Armenta’s road to the finals won’t be a cakewalk because league rival Siope Havea of Hunter and Box Elder’s Cody Kaleikini are lurking.

Class 6A

Preece’s 6A Individual Finalist Predictions:

106 pounds: Perry Fowler (Syracuse) vs. Tanner Telford (Corner Canyon)

113 pounds: Aiden Bastian (Layton) vs. Hudson York (Corner Canyon)

120 pounds: Mason Carlson (Syracuse) vs. Landers Bosh (Layton)

126 pounds: Geronimo Rivera (Layton) vs. Israel Borge (Westlake)

132 pounds: Austin Ellis (Davis) vs. Zion Borge (Westlake)

138 pounds: Layne Kleinman (Mountain Ridge) vs. Jason Worthley (Fremont)

144 pounds: Noah Bull (Layton) vs. Tege Kelley (American Fork)

150 pounds: Gavin Regis (Layton) vs. Josh Fish (Westlake)

157 pounds: Hixon Canto (Pleasant Grove) vs. Brayden Robison (Westlake)

165 pounds: Logan Hancey (Fremont) vs. Bradlee Farrer (Pleasant Grove)

175 pounds: Kaden Bennie (Layton) vs. Banks Love (Bingham)

190 pounds: Leimana Fager (Corner Canyon) vs. Trevyn Gates (Pleasant Grove)

215 pounds: Ridge Lindley (Fremont) vs. Cayaen Smith (Pleasant Grove)

285 pounds: Takoa Byrd (Layton) vs. Kayden Williams (Corner Canyon)

6A Team Predictions: 1. Layton 2. Westlake 3 Corner Canyon 4. Pleasant Grove 5. Fremont 6. Syracuse 7. Davis 8. Mountain Ridge 9. Lehi 10. Lone Peak.

6A returning state champions: Hanks Jacobson (American Fork, 120);  Mason Carlson (Syracuse-120); Geronimo Rivera 2022, 2023 (Layton, 126); Layne Kleinman 2022 (Mountain Ridge, 138); Tege Kelley (American Fork, 144); Brayden Robison 2021, 2022 (Westlake, 157), Bradlee Farrer (Pleasant Grove, 165), Logan Hancey (Fremont, 165), Trevyn Gates (Pleasant Grove, 190), Cayaen Smith 2022 (Pleasant Grove, 215).

6A Undefeated Wrestlers: Israel Borge (Westlake, 125), Brayden Robison (157). 

6A Weights to Watch: At 132 pounds, you have several strong contenders. On the top side of the bracket you have two returning state placers in Syracuse’s Teague Brown and Westlake’s Zion Borge. Borge, a sophomore, has lost just once this season, that to Davis fabulous freshman Austin Ellis, who beat him in the divisional. That put Ellis on the other side of the bracket where two other returning state placers lurk in Farmington’s Hudson Palmer and Layton’s Cole Fenwick. 

Then the next weight up at 138 features Mountain Ridge’s Layne Kleinman, a junior who won state as a freshman but missed all of 2022-23 with an injury. He is the wrestler to beat with his glossy 45-4 record. But 2-time Layton finalist Jace Lemons shouldn’t be overlooked and they should meet in the semifinals. On the bottom side of the bracket are two very dangerous wrestlers in returning state finalist Jason Worthley of Fremont and Westlake’s Parker Ballantyne, who won the Divisional B tournament and placed in state last year.

At 165, two returning state champions with Pleasant Grove’s Bradlee Farrer and Fremont’s Logan Hancey are on opposite sides of the brackets. Farrer is on the bottom side of the bracket and probably has the easier path to the finals. Hancey has two wrestlers that are very dangerous in returning state placers Ty Carman of Herriman and Kaizen Detoles of Westlake in his side of the bracket. Detoles has missed some action this year and placed sixth at divisionals. But he’s athletic and talented and he would meet up with Carman in the quarterfinals.

Other notes

Preece’s 3A Boys Team Predictions: 1. Juab 2. South Summit 3. Morgan 4. Delta 5. Union.

Preece’s Top Ten Boys Teams: 1. Layton (6A) 2. Uintah (4A) 3. Westlake (6A) 4. Millard (2A) 5. Spanish Fork (5A) 6. Corner Canyon (6A) 7. Pleasant Grove (6A) 8. Juab (3A) 9. Wasatch (5A) 10. Payson (4A).

Preece’s Top Ten Boys Wrestlers in the State: 1. Israel Borge (126-Westlake)  2. Cayaen Smith (215-Pleasant Grove) 3. Cash Henderson (215-Woods Cross) Trevyn Gates (Pleasant Grove-190) 5. Leimana Fager (190-Corner Canyon). 6. Austin Paris (138-Grand County) 7. Layne Kleinman (138-Mountain Ridge) 8. Geronimo Rivera (126-Layton) 9. Bradlee Farrer (Pleasant Grove-165) 10. Noah Bull (144-Layton).


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