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Local Looks: ‘Crazy for You’ provides perfect summertime musical entertainment

By Molly McCoy - Special to the Daily Herald | Jul 10, 2024

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"Crazy for You" at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre features timeless Gershwin songs like “Things are Looking Up” and “Slap that Bass.”

The SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre in Orem has brought the perfect summertime musical to the stage with its production of “Crazy for You.” This musical provides a wonderful blend of comedy, romance and catchy show tunes for audiences of all ages. Playing now through July 20, this is the perfect musical to add to your watch list.

Set in the 1930s, “Crazy for You” follows the character of Bobby Child, a banker with a dream of dancing and being in show business. Played by Cam Bronson, this role was executed without fail. Bronson did a fantastic job of portraying the hope that people hold while chasing their dreams. In the show, the audience watches Bobby’s journey as he leaves behind his duty of being a banker to pursue his passion and travels to the middle of nowhere: Deadrock, Nevada.

On his journey, Bobby meets Polly Baker, who is played by Aubrey Jackson. Polly’s character is the no-nonsense daughter of the town’s theater owner. The theater is set to foreclose, but Polly is determined to save it while Bobby is attempting to win her heart. Jackson did a wonderful job in the role of Polly; her vocals were strong yet melodic, and she quickly won the hearts of the audience. The lead actors had a great chemistry between them that really added to the story and sold the crowd on their relationship in the musical.

Additionally, the supporting cast deserved their moment as their numerous and intricate step-filled dances left the audience with nothing but awe. They performed dance after dance throughout the show without a glitch. The dances ranged from fun, high-energy tap dances to soft ballads, and each cast member did an excellent job of keeping the audience engaged through every one of them.

The set design itself was its own impressive show. The backdrops switched from Deadrock, Nevada, to New York City with ease. The town of Deadrock itself had a few set changes that were seamless, and the sets themselves had great authenticity for the period the musical was set in.

Courtesy photo

The musical "Crazy for You" continues through July 20 at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre in Orem.

The show’s music is made up of timeless Gershwin songs like “Things are Looking Up,” “Slap that Bass” and “Nice Work If You Can Get It.” These songs helped tell the story in their own creative way. One of my favorite ones of the night was “What Causes That” as Bobby and fellow cast member Zangler reflect on falling in love and relationships.

Overall, “Crazy for You” at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre is a wonderful show featuring the vast range of talent and skill that is found in Utah. The SCERA Shell provides a wonderful home for that talent, and shows like this are one of our area’s many charms. Whether you are a fan of romantic comedies, love show tunes or want a night out full of fun family entertainment, look no further than this production. For more information, visit scera.org.


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