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The Walton Group hires new interns in new era of business

By Genelle Pugmire - | Sep 1, 2021

Linda Walton, owner of The Walton Group Inc.

The Walton Group, owned and operated by Linda Walton for more than three decades, has been connected to the community not only as a leading marketing and media relations firm, but through the internship programs that have been provided at the company.

Walton has been an adjunct professor at both Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University and believes students should have the full benefit of using their schooling to pave new roads into the industry.

This past week, The Walton Group welcomed Annaleah Vance and JoAnna Johnson as its new Account Executive interns. The media relations company has more than 35 years of experience helping Utah County local businesses and non-profit organizations reach their communications goals. Annaleah and JoAnna will both assist with these projects.

Both interns are finishing their last semester at Brigham Young University and are majoring in Communications Studies.

Annaleah has been actively involved in media advocacy and media relations at BYU for the past three years. She has been published in the Telematics and Informatics journal of social impacts in relation to her study on social media management. This curated a passion for assisting businesses with marketing and media needs.

JoAnna gained experience with public relations and event planning during her time as the Student Alumni Relations representative for the College of Fine Arts and Communications. She has also been involved with the PINK campus marketing team, where she coordinated and oversaw corporate sponsored events. JoAnna continues to grow and develop her skill set at BYU.

“As we move into the post-pandemic era at The Walton Group, Inc. we welcome Annaleah and JoAnna as interns and future account executives,” Linda P. Walton, president, The Walton Group Inc., said. “Communication and marketing are key ingredients to successful business.”

For more information, visit http://thewaltongroupinc.com.


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