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Local Looks: ‘Shrek the Musical’ a whimsical journey through fairy tales

By Molly McCoy - Special to the Daily Herald | Mar 26, 2024
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Finn Parks performs as Shrek during a production of "Shrek the Musical" at the SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem.
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Mark Triplett performs as Lord Farquaad during a production of "Shrek the Musical" at the SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem.
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Cast members, including Tanya Cespedes as Fiona, center, perform during a production of "Shrek the Musical" at the SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem.

SCERA Theater in Orem is running the highly anticipated “Shrek the Musical.” I recently had the pleasure of attending the high school production of “Shrek the Musical,” and from start to finish it was an absolute delight. Adapted from the beloved DreamWorks animated film, this stage rendition transported the audience into a fantastical world filled with laughter, heart and memorable characters.

From the moment the curtain rose, the energy of the cast was infectious. The actors fully embraced their roles, bringing the iconic characters of Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Lord Farquaad to life with charm and charisma. Each performer showcased impressive vocal talents and a deep understanding of their character’s quirks and motivations. Donkey, played by Noah Hinckley, did a fantastic job of portraying the quirky yet hilarious character. He had a lot of lines and singing parts in this role and executed them fabulously.

One of the highlights of the production was undoubtedly the elaborate set design and costumes. The stage was transformed into the enchanting kingdom of Duloc, complete with a towering castle, mystical forests and a homely swamp. Every detail, from the colorful costumes to the intricate props, added to the magic of the show and transported the audience into the world of fairy tales. The cast did an exceptional job with the portrayal of Lord Farquaad, played by Mark Triplett. The costume design was perfect and Triplett had the audience close to tears in laughter every time he took the stage.

Of course, no performance of “Shrek” would be complete without the beloved musical numbers, and the cast did not disappoint. From toe-tapping tunes like “I Think I’ve Got You Beat” to heartfelt ballads such as “I Know It’s Today,” each song was performed with spirit and emotion, leaving the audience humming along after the show ended.

The heart of the production was its underlying message of acceptance and self-discovery. Throughout the show, whether it was due to the interactions between Shrek and Fiona, Shrek and Donkey or the other storybook characters, the audience was reminded of the importance of being your true self and celebrating the differences in those around us.

Overall, the high school production of “Shrek the Musical” was a delightful experience that entertained audiences of all ages. With its talented cast, stunning visuals and heartfelt message, it captured the spirit of the original film while adding its own unique charm. Be sure to see it at the SCERA Theater before it ends on Saturday.


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