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Provo Bicycle Collective puts call out for new downtown mural

By Shelby Slade daily Herald - | Jul 27, 2016

The Provo Bicycle Collective moved into its new location in downtown Provo a month ago, and they’re already looking to make some changes and bring some color to the new building.

Austin Taylor, director of the Provo Chapter of the collective, said they are looking to bring a unique mural to the building, which is located on 200 East and 400 North.

”We want (the mural) to be something that will attract people and is not so much about the organization, but about Provo and celebrating the culture of Provo,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the Provo Bicycle Collective put out a call to artists to submit a design they would like to paint on the wall and have received many great submissions.

He and the owner of the building will select one within the week and hope get started on turning the design into a reality.

”That wall used to be the neighborhood graffiti wall,” he said. “So we thought, ‘Why don’t we turn that into an art space that we could paint on and be constructive instead of destructive.'”

Even before asking for submissions, Taylor said several people approached him about painting a mural for the building. It will be a great opportunity for the selected artist, but also for the area, he said.

”I know that there is a lot of artists starting up in Provo and artists at college that are looking to get their name out,” he said. “We wanted art that would be iconic and we could leave in the neighborhood for a few years for attention.”

The designs have been posted on the Provo Bicycle Collective’s Facebook page. Taylor said they are hoping to get feedback on which designs are keepers, even though the one with the most positive feedback might not be selected.

The Provo Bicycle Collective was started in 2012 as a place for people to get help learning to fix their bike and promote biking as an alternative method of transportation. They offer classes, tools and assistance fixing bikes and a place to buy bikes and parts.


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