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American Fork company creates virtual reality learning, training for employees

By Ryann Richardson daily Herald - | Jun 8, 2020
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The eLearning Brothers team hosts an event at an unknown date and location. 

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A doctor undergoes training using virtual reality. 

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In this eLearning Brothers courtesy photo, co-founder and CEO Andrew Scivally accepts his Utah Association Talent Development Award during the 16th Annual Utah Association Talent Development Workplace Learning and Development Conference on March 12, 2020. 

An American Fork company founded to revolutionize the way businesses train and teach employees has used what it learned during the coronavirus pandemic to develop a virtual reality training option.

Founder and CEO Andrew Scivally developed the concept behind eLearning Brothers with his brother in 2009. The siblings started making online games and template designs involving professional development from their home, selling them to customers online.

Scivally said he and his brother founded the company to make employee training more dynamic after years of experiencing dull and not very engaging training.

Since the company’s humble beginnings as a startup organized in the brothers’ basement, eLearning Brothers has expanded to provide services to businesses in over 120 countries, being recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the state over the past two years.

eLearning Brothers provides training templates and assets to help employers prepare and educate their employees. Scivally said the business has developed a two-pronged approach with emphasis on service and product.

“We’re just trying to help the training industry build more concepts that are more inspiring, engaging, interactive,” Scivally said.

The American Fork-based company, with over 50 employees based in Utah County, acquired two companies — Trivantis and Edulence — in late April of this year.

Among all of the new releases, Scivally said he has been most excited about providing Utah County residents with the opportunity to experience a positive work environment where he can offer his employees flexibility, so they don’t have to leave their communities to work in their career of choice while supporting their families.

“It’s nice to be able to have a business here that supports this area,” he said. “It’s nice to contribute to the hometown area.”

Throughout the acquisition, which was in the works before the coronavirus pandemic shook the national workforce, eLearning Brothers was able to avoid laying off any of the employees and still successfully navigate the procurement of the other companies.

Now, using the technical expertise of its partners, eLearning Brothers has launched three suites including capabilities to create web-based, desktop and virtual reality tools within the already-established asset library.

The newest tool, CenarioVR, allows customers to build virtual reality content by recording a 360-degree video, inputting it into the system and overlaying interactive elements.

The end result can be viewed through nine different headsets and over a web browser or through a download.

Having several avenues for employee training and easily accessible assets for employers to use helps companies create programs that are made to fit their needs, Scivally said.

“Combining traditional and VR authorizing tools in one package is the future of e-learning,” the company’s CTO John Blackmon said in a statement. “With the same toolset, authors can now create both accessible courses and immersive learning, which gives them the best results possible for a very affordable price.”

By expanding the products available to clients, eLearning Brothers is already ensuring they are able to serve a wider customer base with a variety of needs, Scivally said.

Assets available through eLearning Brothers also helps create a wide array of mediums for training to be shared through, which may cater to people with physical and learning disabilities, such as someone with visual or hearing impairments.

The Lectora tool, for example, was specifically designed to promote accessibility for all.

Scivally said the company was specifically looking to help the average person create immersive training. For the CenarioVR tool, he said, it doesn’t cost exorbitant amounts of money or a degree in a related field.

“There’s no other learning technology company that has this do-it-yourself VR tools like this,” Scivally said. “Normal people, like me, can just go in and do this.”

From learning about management systems to discovering game design, eLearning Brothers is striving to be the one-stop-shop for customers looking to revolutionize e-learning and create their own engaging and innovative assets.


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