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Payson man arrested for practicing medicine without a license

By Genelle Pugmire - | Nov 3, 2021

Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

The Payson Police Department is pictured Monday, Feb. 6, 2017. (Isaac Hale, Daily Herald file photo)

After several months of investigation, members of the Attorney General’s SECURE Strike Force, arrested a Payson man for practicing medicine without a license.

Edgar Flores Bobadilla was arrested and charge for performing medical procedures and dispensing pharmaceuticals without a license and endangering the lives of multiple patients.

According to the AG’s office most of those patients are undocumented immigrants. Flores Bobadilla himself is in the United States without proper documentation. SECURE stands for Statewide Enforcement of Crimes Against Undocumented Residents.

“In May of 2021, the Payson City Police Department received information of a Hispanic male who was practicing medicine out of his home in Payson. Additionally, the information provided was that the male only took patients on a referral basis, and only accepted patients who were illegal immigrants,” the police report indicates.

The initial complainant reported that due to the malpractice, a patient had been permanently disfigured, according to the report.

“After a joint investigation with the Utah Attorney General’s Office, it was found that Edgar Flores was not licensed in the State of Utah to either practice medicine or to dispense any prescriptions or controlled substances,” the police report adds.

The Department of Professional Licensing confirmed Flores had no professional licenses in the State of Utah.

Police allege fraudulent prescription pads were located inside the home along with prescription medications which Flores Bobadilla was injecting into patients without the authority to do so. They also claim a pattern of unlawful activity shown via years worth of medical records located inside Flores’s home with the names of multiple patients.

Both a Social Security and Utah Driver’s License were located inside Flores’s home. Both of which were not issued by the federal government or the state of Utah.

“In September of 2021, an undercover operation was conducted at the residence of 1092 South 580 West in Payson. During that operation, Edgar Flores misdiagnosed the undercover agent with Multiple Sclerosis, along with other ailments. Mr. Flores then demanded payments of multiple thousands of dollars in cash for medical services, which he said he would conduct at his residence. Mr. Flores also said that he would be able to “cure” the undercover Agent of the illness with his medical treatments but said multiple times that the undercover Agent need to keep the medical treatments ‘confidential,'” the police report indicates.

“For months we’ve been investigating this case and have found FloresBobadilla took advantage of his patients and charged them a lot of money for his ‘treatments,'” said Brendan Call, Section chief of the Utah Attorney General’s Office Investigations Division. “People paid thousands of dollars each, partly because undocumented workers often distrust the traditional system. And in these cases, he was carelessly and repeatedly putting their lives at risk.”

During the service of a search warrant, investigators discovered medical equipment including IV’s, injectables, medicines and medical equipment, in addition to $140,000 in cash. The illegal medical practice was discovered after one patient’s procedure went wrong, and the victim contacted the Payson Police Department, which participated in the investigation and arrest.

Flores Bobadilla has been charged with multiple felonies including practicing medicine and dispensing pharmaceuticals without a license and a pattern of illegal behavior

The police report states that, “Flores should be held without bail for the following reasons.

  • Mr. Flores is an extreme flight risk. Flores has frequent contact with people inside Mexico. He is originally from Mexico and recieves all of his medical supplies from there. If Mr. Flores is released, he would be an extreme flight risk.
  • Mr. Flores has an extensive list of patients and has reported to be “retired.” Should he be released, Mr. Flores will likely continue to see patients and expose the vulnerable immigrant population to further harm.
  • This case continues to be an ongoing investigation and further criminal charges could be filed by the Attorney General’s Office. This investigation includes potential charges of Object Rape and other sex offenses, in addition to other crimes related to fraud and medical malpratice. It should be noted that Mr. Flores has prior criminal convictions for sex offenses in Utah.”

Investigators say Flores Bobadilla saw hundreds of patients over the last several years and want to give other patients the opportunity to come forward. The Attorney General’s Office can be contacted at 801-281-1200.


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