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Orem man taken into custody involved in Oct. 15 crash on State Street

By Genelle Pugmire - | Oct 22, 2021

Orem police asking people to slow down on State Street. (Courtesy Orem city)

An Orem man was taken into custody Wednesday following a fatal automobile accident Friday that killed Hailee York and Ashlyn Hanzon, both 21 and students at BYU.

Ceasar Castellon-Flores, 20, was allegedly operating a vehicle without a license or ever having a license according to police reports used by local media. He was also speeding on State Street and was going over 60 mph when he hit the victim’s car.

The Orem City Police Department has been involved with a multiple-day investigation that includes the fatalities of the two women involved and the car crash at 400 S. State St.

On Monday, Lt. Nick Thomas, police spokesperson, said the names of the two deceased were released, but not the two passengers who survived the crash.

“Our hearts go out to the families of all involved,” Thomas said.

At 9:30 p.m. on Oct. 15, officers were dispatched to a report of a traffic accident involving two vehicles in the intersection, according to Thomas.

A vehicle traveling south on State Street collided with a vehicle making a left-hand turn heading west on 400 South.

There were three passengers in one vehicle and one in the second. Officers and paramedics found two of the three passengers in the first vehicle deceased from injuries sustained in the accident. The driver was transported to the hospital, according to Thomas. The driver of the second vehicle was also transported to the hospital, both with non-life-threatening injuries.

Thomas noted there has been an increase in the number of bad accidents between 1200 South and 1200 North along State Street and the police are asking residents to slow down and take caution at intersections.


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