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Deputy prosecutor Adam Pomeroy announces candidacy for Utah County Attorney

By Genelle Pugmire - | Jan 18, 2022

Courtesy Adam Pomeroy

Utah County Deputy Attorney Adam Pomeroy

Another challenger has stepped forward to run against Utah County Attorney David Leavitt, and this time it’s one of his own associates.

Adam Pomeroy has worked as a deputy county attorney for seven years, prosecuting all types of crimes from theft and fraud to rape and homicide.

He says he finds deep satisfaction in crafting case resolutions that make victims whole and keep the community safe. He was selected to teach the criminal law clinic at the law school at Brigham Young University.

Pomeroy says he knows what is currently broken in the Utah County Attorney’s Office and is ready to implement fixes and reforms on day one.

“Under David Leavitt, the justice system has become deeply unbalanced,” Pomeroy said.

Among other things Pomeroy says has happened under Leavitt is that victims have not been served, there needs to be accountability for offenders and Leavitt has alienated law enforcement.

“Moving forward will require a change and it will require working together,” Pomeroy said.

Pomeroy was born into a law enforcement family. He says as a child his dad took him to see Skid Row and the worst areas of Los Angeles so he could see for himself the impact that crime has on communities.

As a prosecutor, Pomeroy says he has made it a point to see local law enforcement in action, observing operations with them and even completing the Utah County SWAT team’s Hell Week training in which he experienced first-hand the stresses and split-second decision making officers encounter on a daily basis.

When Pomeroy meets with and advises law enforcement, he says those conversations are based on real life, not theory.

Pomeroy moved to Utah to attend school and found a home in Utah County. After studying international relations at BYU, he graduated with honors from BYU’s law school focusing on constitutional and criminal issues. Along the way, he spent two years in Brazil serving a mission for his church, where he says he again saw the effects of failed criminal justice policy.

After law school, he completed a constitutional litigation fellowship at the Pacific Legal Foundation, working to protect individual rights from government interference. He gained experience and perspective as a criminal defense attorney before joining the Utah County Attorney’s Office as a criminal prosecutor.

Pomeroy says he isn’t naïve to the problems of government overreach and flaws in the criminal justice system because he’s seen the system from the other side.

Pomeroy lives in Orem with his wife, Amy, and their three children. He said he enjoys running, biking, baking and exploring Utah’s natural beauties with his family. He says he is committed to keeping Utah County a place where families can raise their children in safety and security.


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