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Pomeroy drops out of County Attorney race, backs Gray in primary

By Kelcie Hartley - | Jun 2, 2022

Harrison Epstein, Daily Herald

Adam Pomeroy speaks during the 2022 Utah County Republican Convention on Saturday, April 9, 2022. The convention was held at Cedar Valley High School in Eagle Mountain. Pomeroy is one of three candidates who will be on the primary ballot to be Utah County attorney.

Utah County Attorney candidate Adam Pomeroy announced Thursday he is stepping out of the three-way race for the post.

In his announcement, Pomeroy said he was stepping down to throw his support behind challenger Jeff Gray, to have the best chance of removing David Leavitt from office.

In a Facebook post, Pomeroy said the last 24 hours confirmed his feelings about this race. He mentioned the press conference held Wednesday by Leavitt, who revealed information regarding two cases that tie into an open investigation by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. Leavitt also called for an investigation on the sheriff’s office, the suspension of the department’s public information officer, Sgt. Spencer Cannon, and Sheriff Mike Smith’s resignation due to, allegedly, using the office for political purposes. Smith later held his own conference announcing he has no plans to give in to Leavitt’s demands.

Pomeroy called Leavitt’s behavior at his conference unacceptable.

“He is a progressive, rogue prosecutor who has damaged our criminal justice system,” Pomeroy said in the press release. “His failed vision, failed policies, and failed leadership must be stopped. After yesterday there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is doing serious damage to victims and our county.”

Courtesy Adam Pomeroy

Utah County Deputy Attorney Adam Pomeroy

In his release, Pomeroy asked voters to support Gray if they also believe a change in office is needed.

Gray also release a statement regarding his newly-found ally.

“Today Adam Pomeroy announced he would be leaving the race for County Attorney,” wrote Gray. “I want to express my appreciation for his courageous decision to challenge David Leavitt. He is a firsthand witness of the abuses and the wrong-headed policies of David Leavitt. When Adam saw wrong, he was willing to step up and call out his boss. That deserves our praise. “Adam is a talented prosecutor and is working on the frontlines to make Utah County safer. I am looking forward to working with Adam as we refocus the office on strong prosecution to hold criminals accountable, just as Adam also advocated during his campaign.”

The three were expected to face off in the GOP primary for the seat, set to conclude on June 28. At the Utah County GOP Convention in April, after Leavitt was eliminated in the first round of delegate voting, Pomeroy finished with 53.6% of the vote compared to Gray’s 46.4%.

Included in Pomeroy’s post was a poll regarding the race for Utah County Attorney. In it, he had 13% support, compared to 12% for Gray and 23% for Leavitt with 51% of those surveyed undecided. The graphic shows 482 people participated in the survey.

Courtesy Adam Pomeroy for Utah County Attorney Facebook page

Survey of support in the GOP primary for Utah County Attorney, shared by former candidate Adam Pomeroy.


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