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Vineyard residents to give input on 80-acre park corridor

By Genelle Pugmire - | Oct 5, 2022

Courtesy Vineyard City

Overview of the one mile stretch of parkland covering 80 acres.

Vineyard residents who live on the “old” side of the city are about to witness even more change to their part of town.

A new Central Corridor Masterplan was introduced to the city Monday for public input and further design. The corridor has been reserved in the past for future parkland that stretches over 80 acres from the top of Grove Park, at about 400 North and Main Street, to the south “fish hook” of the J. Rulon Gammon Heritage Park, 70 S. Holdaway Road.

That territory of parkland extends nearly one mile through the center of the south part of town and connects to the new city development.

Residents can attend three public meetings that feature one of the three segments of the park through October.

  • Grove Park will be discussed from 10 a.m. to noon on Oct. 8 at the park.
  • Gammon Park will be discussed from 5 to 7 p.m. on Oct. 11 at the park.
  • Complete Central Corridor from 5 to 8 p.m. on Oct. 20 at the Vineyard City Council Chambers.

This is part of the first phase of the project. Lars Anderson, with PEC, is the architect in charge of the development.

Courtesy Vineyard City

The South Grove section of the Central Corridor Master Plan for park lands.

After the public input period, which runs through Oct. 21, the consultants and staff will take the feedback from Vineyard residents and make modifications to the plan.

After the changes have been added, the plan will go in front of Vineyard’s Planning Commission and City Council, potentially in early 2023, according to Kathryn Newman, city communications manager.

The plan would be implemented as an appendage to Vineyard’s General Plan.

“The plan could be implemented in stages depending on funding and grant monies. Some parts could be immediate, in the next 1-3 years after approvals. Others would take longer, like in the next 5-10 years,” Newman said. “We will share a more detailed timeline with residents as the plans are solidified.”

At each of the events, members of Vineyard City Council and City Staff will be available to answer questions about the plan. The renderings and the survey can be found at https://vineyardutah.org/DocumentCenter/View/2910/Master-Corridor-Plan.

Courtesy Vineyard City

A portion of the South Grove park land.

The plan is divided into four sections, starting with Vineyard Grove Park. Site highlights include an art walk, pickleball courts, a dog park, walking loops, a slide park, a community garden, multi-purpose fields, food truck parking area and shade pavilions.

The next section is south of Grove, also referred to as the wetlands. Highlights include a walking loop and adding covered pavilions and a pump track/bike park at the southern end of the area.

Gammon Park has two designs for residents to consider. The first design includes artificial turf fields and multi-purpose fields, with batting cages, a tennis court, a community center, sensory garden, all-abilities park, playgrounds, a parkour playground, spray park, bouldering space and a spot for yard games also available.

The second option for the area includes a large open field and additional parking.

The final area, south of Gammon, has two renderings as well. The first concept includes a pond, additional pickleball courts, a slackline space, a pump track and skate park and a playground.

Courtesy Vineyard City

An option for the South Grove park land.

The second option replaces the pond with a disc golf area.

“Through participation in the public input process, Vineyard offers residents a chance to comment on upgraded amenities and enhanced open spaces throughout the city. Residents’ valuable input will help shape the future of these areas,” Newman said.

Newman noted that here have had more than 250 resident responses as of Tuesday evening, with the survey going live on Monday.

This will connect the older part of the city to the new 800-acre development of the new Vineyard Station/downtown center of the city.

Vineyard will also be developing three miles of waterfront property including boardwalks and sandy beaches. That project is also scheduled in the Master Plan.

Courtesy Vineyard City

Option 2 for a portion of the Grove Park design.

Woodbury Corporation, taking the lead on the 800-acre Vineyard Station, will begin the buildout phases before the end of the year.

One option for the "fish hook" area at the south end of the park.

A second option for the "fish hook" area of Gammon Park.


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