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BLM seeks public input on proposed 500-acre West Mountain shooting range

By Carlene Coombs - | Jun 19, 2024
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This map shows the proposed project area for a shooting range on West Mountain.
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This site plan schematic shows the potential layout for a proposed shooting range on West Mountain.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is seeking comments from the public through Friday on a proposed shooting range facility that will be located on West Mountain.

The range would encompass about 528 acres of the mountainside and be constructed and maintained by the Civilian Marksmanship Program, a federal nonprofit.

The project area would be on BLM land, with the south end being adjacent to 10400 South and west of Lateral Canal Road. It also would border some residential homes along 6300 West and a handful of farms.

According to a draft plan published on the BLM website, it would include an outdoor and indoor firing range, an archery range, a clubhouse for meetings and classes, a store and a restaurant.

A surface danger zone would be included on the north end of the project with posted warning signs and a partial fence.

Some residents in the area are opposing the potential development, with some sharing an online petition calling to halt the project.

As of Wednesday, nearly 900 people had signed the petition, which notes that the land currently is accessible to the public, free of charge, for recreational activities such as ATV riding.

“Not only does this plan threaten our environment and community with increased fire risk and noise pollution, but it also jeopardizes our open access to these cherished public lands,” the petition reads.

Residents can submit a comment to the BLM online by Friday at eplanning.blm.gov/eplanning-ui/project/2031366/510.


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