Police car lights

On Wednesday, a Utah County Sheriff’s deputy reportedly saw a car get onto I-15, later reportedly merging over lane dividers without a signal.

After signaling the vehicle to the side of the interstate, the deputy told the driver why he was pulled over. The driver reportedly laughed and the deputy told him that “even while eating a burger, you have to use your turn signal.”

The registered owner of the car was the passenger in the vehicle, according to the probable cause statement, but neither the driver nor the passenger had a valid driver’s license. The car also was reportedly uninsured.

Trevor Oscar Turner, 48, of Provo was identified as the driver and the deputy reportedly saw Turner’s chest rapidly rising and falling while his hands were shaking. His eyes also appeared red and glossy with a visible pulse on the side of Turner’s neck.

After running information on Turner, the deputy reportedly found a warrant for his arrest in the Springville Justice Court.

Following a K-9 sniff of the vehicle, there was probable cause to search the vehicle and deputies allegedly found a pouch with a Ziploc bag of methamphetamine.

Turner then agreed to conduct a field sobriety test, reportedly leading to his arrest for showing multiple clues on certain tests.

The passenger in the vehicle told deputies that the pouch located in the car was Turner’s, and his pulse was normal, according to the probable cause statement.

A urine test at the Utah County Jail came back positive for amphetamines, methamphetamines, and THC.

He is actively being held without bail at the Utah County Jail.