Have you always wanted your name in lights? How about your name in lights or a design that you created on a mountainside?

David Hartle, who periodically creates lighted designs on the mountainside in Pleasant Grove, is holding a contest in an effort to raise money for his brother who is currently hospitalized with COVID-19. The person with the winning bid gets to design Hartle’s next light project.

“My twin brother (adventure buddy and best friend) is in the hospital with a severe case of COVID and needs help, so I am auctioning off a mountain light project to help him out,” Hartle wrote in a recent Facebook post. “He runs a small clinic at the back of a pharmacy in Springville. As the sole owner, his business has had to close for the last two weeks and will stay closed until he is able to return. That means he has no income, no sick leave or benefits and a crazy high medical deductible. He can’t breathe without oxygen, has fluid in both lungs, one of which is partially collapsed and coughs up blood. It is a very scary time for him and his family.”

Along with choosing the light display, the winner also gets to choose where to do it, within reason and with approvals, if not on public land. It must be appropriate for every age and not political or divisive, Hartle said.

Local residents have been surprised in the past with Hartle’s solar-lighted designs on the mountainside, including a star at Christmastime, a strawberry during Strawberry Days and an outline of the state of Utah with a heart inside during the COVID pandemic.

Hartle said that the design will be limited to 100 lights, which is as big as his largest project. The design must use white, yellow, green or red lights. The design will stay up for three nights, or longer if it is something intended for the entire community, rather than a company logo or private name.

Those wanting to participate can send their bids to Hartle by Wednesday. “Before the final award, I will talk to the potential winner about what they want to make sure it is something I can do,” he said.

Bids can be made on Hartle’s Facebook page or by texting him at (801) 317-7976.

Donations can be made directly to Aaron Hartle through Venmo @paceclinic.

Aaron Hartle, David’s brother, said that he likes the idea of the contest.

“I am a nurse practitioner who decided not to get the vaccine, and now look. I want to help encourage others who have reservations about the vaccine to hear my story and hopefully get one and not end up like me,” he said.