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Letter: No payday for the faithful

By Staff | Sep 3, 2021

STK - Letter to the Editor

The Florida Department of Education says parents know what’s best for their children. So, they are withholding the monthly salaries of local school board members in districts that require kids to mask at school.

Wait a minute. Don’t we have folks in society who regularly know better than parents? Well, apparently contraception planning organizations know better, because they can provide services to kids without parental consent.

Therapists know better than parents, because they provide counseling advice that parents are not privy to.

Video game and vape companies know better than parents, because they are allowed to target advertisements to children without parental consent.

Drug dealers know better than parents because they decide which kids in middle school and elementary school can get access to illegal drugs.

The military knows better than parents, since they target young adults for recruiting presentations and even compulsory military service whether the parents like it or not.

And apparently the state education department knows better than parents, because they deem themselves able to contravene public health policy recommendations, in spite of the wishes of most parents.

— Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross


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