Are you glad that the constant politicking for primary elections recently held for this year’s general election in November is over?

I know that I am relieved that every radio, TV or digital street sign is not still showing nice, smiling politicians saying they should be the next governor. I know most of those who were running for governor and like them, they are earnest and decent people, but I am still glad the primary is over.

Whoever wins in the fall, I wish them well. If this fall follows history, we will have career politician Spencer Cox as our next governor. Like it or not, Utah is a red state for now, but make no mistake, it is changing and very organized forces are trying desperately to change the conservative path Utah has been on for decades.

I have written before about the group called Justice Democrats that found and promoted an unknown millennial bartender named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the United States Congress. She won her seat against an established Democratic congressman and has become the de-facto leader and face of the Democratic party. Don’t doubt her youth or inexperience, she is dead serious about changing our country into a socialist paradise. The reason I wrote about the group Justice Democrats is that they ran a candidate for congress in Utah and are still looking for candidates for the local school boards, city councils and any race they think they have a shot at winning.

They, like China, are playing the long game, China wants to control the globe or greatly influence every economy and culture that it can, Democrats and Socialists want to fundamentally change America as President Obama famously promised.

The odd thing is that so many Republican elected officials are unwittingly signing up to help, at best, or unwilling to engage in the fight to protect conservative views and values, at worst. You won’t see GOP-elected officials spouting progressive dogma, most claim to be fiscal conservatives while they are simultaneously addicted to spending. Watch more of what politicians do and less of what they say is a mantra that I have come to subscribe to.

I do appreciate when a politician says what they are going to do, it is rare but does happen and did in the recent primary for governor. In the final days of the primary this year, I received an email from a Democratic politician and activist,. You may have received it, also. This activist was encouraging all democrats or left-leaning independents, which are the same thing, to temporarily register as a Republican in name only, a RINO, in order help choose the candidate most appealing to democrats. The activist proudly says that 50,000 democrats switched parties to vote for the Republican candidate of their choice. Makes one wonder doesn’t it?

I don’t know how I got on this guy’s email list, but I am on it and now receive texts, robocalls, and emails from every progressive group there is. I am glad I am on it so I can see how transparent the Democrats are. They said right out front, register as a republican and then register again as a Democrat once it is over. This is not necessarily a new tactic. I had a council member that I worked with and happen to like brag openly about registering as a Republican to try and prevent the most conservative person from getting into office.

Conservatives and Republicans need to wake up and realize that you can be nice and friendly with your neighbors but persuasively stand up for things such as life — especially unborn infants’ lives, and religious and economic freedoms, to name just a few. President Trump understood that China poses a threat to our nation as it has engaged in intellectual property theft, forced technology transfers if you want to do business in China, bad trade deals, and currency manipulation, to name a few.

You may not like how the president talks, but he is right on confronting China and conservatives would be right in confronting Democrats and socialists on trying to influence Republican primaries. President Reagan once said we are one generation away from losing our country if we are not vigilant. I wondered about it when he said it, I don’t wonder anymore.