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Mojo.ie unveils collaborative masterpieces: A fusion of nature, art and exploration

By Staff | Nov 29, 2023

Courtesy photo

Joe and Melinda Ostraff.

In an enchanting blend of colors and strokes, Mojo.ie presents a captivating collection of 16 paintings and 4 drawings, showcasing the artistic synergy between Melinda and Joseph Ostraff. Gouache, acrylic, natural inks, and graphite converge in a harmonious dance, resulting in a visual spectacle that transcends conventional boundaries.

The genesis of this artistic endeavor unfolded over four weeks during a collaborative residency at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in the picturesque Ballycastle, Co Mayo, Ireland. Mojo.ie emerged as a testament to the transformative power of shared experiences, as the artists immersed themselves in the dynamic interplay of weather, light, land, and sea.

The heart of Mojo.ie lies in the exploration of the layers and systems of human endeavor and history, intertwined with the profound experience of living in a new place for an extended period. Conversations, both spoken and unspoken, served as the catalyst for these evocative paintings, providing a rich tapestry that captures the essence of their journey.

As Melinda and Joseph navigated the intricate landscapes, both external and internal, the pliability of their circumstances unfolded into art. The result is a collection of masterpieces that encapsulates the uncertainty of the creative process, a delicate balance between chaos and harmony that continues to resonate with the artists.

Melinda Ostraff, armed with a Ph.D. emphasizing Ethnobotany, and Joseph Ostraff, holding an MFA in painting, bring a unique blend of expertise to Mojo.ie. Their collaborative journey, evolving over the past decade from advisory roles and research assistance to a shared pursuit of art, has reached new heights in this collection. Melinda’s proficiency in encaustics and botanical inks, coupled with Joseph’s mastery of painting, found a perfect confluence in the artistic haven of Ireland.

The Mojo.ie exhibition is more than a display of artistic prowess; it is a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and exploration. Each stroke on the canvas, every line in the drawings, tells a story of discovery and adaptation. As Mojo.ie invites viewers to immerse themselves in this visual journey, it also marks the beginning of new artistic avenues for Melinda and Joseph Ostraff. Their exploration of the unknown continues, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of artistic innovation.


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