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Manti High School Counselor Kris Pogroszewski recognized as hometown hero of the year

By Staff | Sep 20, 2023

Kris Pogroszewski was honored as the Hometown Hero of the Year at Manti High School.

MANTI — On Sept. 15, Manti High School shone a spotlight on one of its most cherished members, school counselor Kris Pogroszewski, as she was officially honored as the Hometown Hero of the Year. The heartfelt ceremony, organized by the Modern Woodmen of America Youth Service Club 12169-4, celebrated Kris’s exceptional dedication and contributions to the school community.

During the ceremony, Janet Johnson, the leader of the Modern Woodmen of America Youth Service Club 12169-4, presented Kris with a collection of tokens of appreciation. These included a special pin, a beautifully framed award certificate, a bouquet of vibrant flowers, a heartfelt thank-you card, and a generous gift card.

Kris Pogroszewski.

Kris Pogroszewski has become synonymous with service, love, connection, sacrifices, and unwavering support for both the faculty and students of Manti High. Her remarkable reputation as an icon of dependability, compassion, inclusion, and guidance precedes her. Kris possesses an extraordinary ability to recognize the inherent goodness in people and ardently advocates for their best interests.

As a part of the Hometown Hero recognition, a $50 donation to a charitable organization of Kris’s choice will be made by Modern Woodmen in her honor. Kris’s heartfelt decision was to direct this contribution toward supporting the Sanpete County Children’s Justice Center. Her choice reflects her ongoing commitment to the well-being of the community, particularly its young members who may need assistance and guidance.

The ceremony was not only a testament to Kris Pogroszewski’s outstanding character but also a poignant reminder of the positive impact individuals can have on their communities. Her dedication to the betterment of Manti High School and Sanpete County as a whole is truly commendable and serves as an inspiration to all.


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