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Snow College celebrates Snow Day on the Hill

By Staff | Feb 14, 2024

Snow Day at the Utah State Capitol durring the legislative session.

On Feb. 7, leaders, trustees, faculty, friends, and students of Snow College came together in the Capitol Rotunda to celebrate Snow Day on the Hill. This annual tradition serves as an opportunity for the college to express gratitude to the Utah Legislature and showcase the outstanding work happening at Snow College.

In the majestic Capitol Rotunda, Snow College leaders conveyed their appreciation to the Utah Legislature for the ongoing support extended to Snow College. President Stacee Yardley McIff expressed her gratitude, saying, “We value the support our legislators provide to Snow. We are fortunate to have many friends who acknowledge the significant role Snow College plays in the Utah System of Higher Education.”

Beyond expressing thanks, school officials aimed to illustrate the impact Snow College has on the state. President McIff stated, “Snow College is often referred to as the best-kept secret in higher education. We aim to change that perception–we don’t want to be a secret. As the second-oldest institution in the state, we have been shaping the lives of students for generations. It’s always rewarding to connect with people and hear about the meaningful connections they have with Snow, learning about how much the college has influenced their lives.”

Students and faculty actively participated by setting up displays and engaging in conversations with lawmakers, shedding light on the myriad opportunities available at Snow. Sophomore Avery Allred shared her experiences, noting, “I’ve had opportunities at Snow that I wouldn’t have encountered until my senior year at a larger school. I’ve held leadership roles, participated in hands-on labs, traveled, presented at conferences, and even received assistance in starting a business. If I were at a bigger university, I would have had to wait until my junior or senior year to access such opportunities.”

As the event concluded, President McIff expressed her satisfaction, saying, “I appreciate everyone who took the time to support Snow. I am passionate about the incredible work we do, and it’s essential that everyone is aware of the extraordinary accomplishments at Snow College. In addition to providing exceptional value and opportunities for our students, we maintain strong partnerships with the community, industries, and local school districts. Snow College continues to strengthen its position, and we eagerly anticipate serving many more generations of Utahns.”

About Snow College

Established in 1888 by Utah pioneers, Snow College is a two-year institution with campuses in Ephraim and Richfield, Utah, and a learning center in Nephi, Utah. With a commitment to helping students graduate debt-free, gain resume-worthy experience, and develop a plan for the future, Snow College serves over 5,000 students. The college’s affordability and personalized environment brimming with opportunities empower students to discover themselves. Explore all that Snow College has to offer at [snow.edu](https://www.snow.edu/).


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