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Provo Airport: ‘Welcome Home’ (introduction piece)

By Michelle Kaufusi - Provo mayor | May 7, 2022

Courtesy Provo City

In this undated photo, Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi says "welcome home" to travelers inside the new Provo Airport Terminal.

Provo City proudly adopted the phrase “Welcome Home” as our slogan. This well-known phrase captures the community we aspire to be. As we open the new Provo Airport terminal, we extend this welcoming spirit to all adventurers whose travels begin and end in our great city.

From its humble beginnings in a beet field to our terminal expansion in 2022, the Provo Airport has grown with the needs of our city. Where once it met the need for trained WWII pilots, it is now opening Provo — and Utah County — to the rest of the world.

Provo City is taking flight with our airport terminal being a perfect example of meeting the community goals reflected in our four Provo Pillars:

  • Welcoming;
  • Safe and Sound;
  • Economically Vibrant;
  • Forward-Looking.

The Provo Airport will grow our local economy now and in the future, becoming a safe, convenient way to “Welcome Home” residents, business travelers or vacationers to our thriving city.

Provo stands at a time of great opportunity with generational projects underway that will not only solidify our role as the central business district of Utah County, but will also preserve our unique character and high quality of life.

Courtesy Provo City

Signature of Mayor Kaufusi

As a regional destination, we look forward to showcasing all Provo and Utah County have to offer with unparalleled four-season outdoor recreation, a flourishing local economy and strong employment opportunities. Our successes are being noticed, with Provo City earning the distinction as the nation’s best-performing city by the Milken Institute two years running. Provo is the best place to live and do business.

The phrase “If you build it, they will come” is so fitting with the Provo Airport, adding eight new destinations since the November 2019 terminal groundbreaking. Investing in a new terminal has created economic opportunity. The Provo Airport showcases an affordable, nonstop travel experience with new destinations, expedited check-in and traveler-focused amenities such as a family lounge and our Travelers Commons — areas designed to make your travel experience as hassle-free as possible.

Generational projects aren’t accomplished quickly or by any one person. In a true spirit of partnership, Provo City, Utah County, the State of Utah and the Federal Aviation Administration recognized the transportation need and found the resources necessary. We thank them and all others who were instrumental in this regional achievement.

The sky is the limit for the Provo Airport! Having been born and raised in Provo and now serving as its mayor, I feel great pride at what we’ve accomplished together as a community. We look forward to giving a Provo “Welcome Home” to many more in the years to come.

Mayor Michelle Kaufusi


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