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Utah County-based video game company offering chance at $5K via summer treasure hunt

A Pleasant Grove-based video game company is turning Utah into a real-life gaming adventure this summer through its mobile app. Instead of gaming indoors, this fantasy role-playing game takes users on a journey battling monsters, completing quests and hunting for the hidden treasure while exploring the outdoors, with one victorious participant scoring a grand prize of $5,000. Alpine resident Adam Sidwell, CEO of Future House Studios and developer of the game Swords, calls it “a cross between Pokemon Go, the Legend of Zelda, and geocaching.” Sidwell said as users take on the virtual ...


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Sanpete County

Some lines shouldn’t be crossed

I had kind of a bad day last Tuesday. It started with dropping off Archer, the wonder Sheltie dog, at the “Animal Hospital” in Gunnison. He was scheduled for surgery. He was having a big lipoma removed, along with another smaller bump. If you don’t know what a lipoma is, then you’re ...

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