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‘Under the Vines’ premieres Dec. 6 on AcornTV

By Francine Brokaw - Special to the Daily Herald | Dec 1, 2021


'Under the Vines' is streaming now on AcornTV.

AcornTV is a popular streaming channel for shows from Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Their latest series, “Under the Vines,” takes viewers to a beautiful location in New Zealand with two very different characters.

Daisy Munroe (Rebecca Gibney) is a socialite from Sydney, Australia. She loves her Jimmy Choo shoes and Chanel outfits. Her wardrobe is bright, colorful and always chic. However, Daisy is broke. Very broke.

Louis Oakley (Charles Edwards) is a down-on-his-luck attorney in London. He has been disbarred and his wife is seriously thinking of a separation. Louis is also financially broke.

Daisy learns her stepfather, Stanley Oakley, has just passed away and has left her his winery in New Zealand. At the same time, Louis learns his uncle Stan has also just passed away — and has left him his winery in New Zealand. When the two of them arrive in Peak View, New Zealand, they discover they are co-owners of the mostly-dilapidated winery. And all of its outstanding debts and rundown equipment.

Louis wants to sell the property immediately and get back to London. While Daisy is eager to get some cash in her account, there is a nagging feeling in her heart. She isn’t quite as eager to sell the property. When neighbors quickly make an offer on the property, Daisy is a bit suspicious but Louis is still dead set on getting rid of the winery.

These two couldn’t be more different, yet they manage to get along quite well. And when Daisy puts her foot — or her stylish Jimmy Choos — down, Louis has no choice but to reconsider selling. The series follows these two with their employees as they try to make the winery one that will put them in the financial black, instead of the red. Can they do it? It will take hard work and determination.

Gibney is fun to watch as this fashionista socialite wannabe who idolizes haute couture. Seeing her out of her element of parties and high society and in the dirt, literally, is cute. While Louis is a grumpy older man, there is something warm and endearing about him at the same time. Their pairing makes this an appealing story.

“Under the Vines” begins streaming Dec. 6 on AcornTV. Lift your glass and toast this new series with a nice, or maybe not-so-nice, wine.


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