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Meetings starting as Orem's State Street master plan moratorium moves into third month

It has been two months since the Orem City Council voted to place a six-month moratorium on the State Street Master Plan. The moratorium, according to some councilmembers, was used as a pause button so they could do some tweaking and refining to certain aspects of the plan. The most important being the development of multi-family unit dwellings along State Street. “There were things that were missed that don’t make sense,” said Councilman David Spencer. Spencer said he believes there are four issues that need to be addressed in the plan including building heights, sufficient ...







Horoscopes for Thursday, Oct. 7

Happy Birthday: Set high goals, and stretch your imagination to include things you have only dreamed about doing. You will find a way to far exceed your expectations. Plunge into the unknown, gather information and pour your energy into doing the extraordinary and mastering skills that will ...